Event Logistics and Planning

The Event Logistics and Planning Committee’s (ELPC) purpose is to a) plan local logistics and support for Annual Meeting events and b) to provide continuity for future event planning. Primary duties are to plan logistics for the annual ENT social, doctoral, new faculty and mid- career consortia; secure support for ENT division events; and ensure that the consortia and social function effectively.  

The ELPC is comprised of the chair (Susan Young), the Treasurer (Maribel Guerrero), the PDW Chair (Sarah Jack) and additional volunteers and advisory RALs (Representative-at-Large) as needed. We typically have area experts on the committee who contribute their knowledge of the local meeting area, and for Boston the ELPC is exceedingly grateful for the help of Linda Edelman. 

One of the key events that we support each year is the ENT Saturday night social at the annual AOM meeting. ELPC typically works more than a year in advance to identify location options for the social event and other annual meeting activities. We examined multiple locations in Boston and we are pleased to announce our PDW Chair has selected the Skywalk Observatory at the Prudential Building for this year’s social, within easy walking distance of the conference hotels.

At the ENT division midwinter meeting this month, it was decided that ticket prices will be raised to $100/per person this year for the Saturday night social event. There are several reasons for this, including the fact that we have not raised prices for several years despite increases in costs. Even though this event is heavily subsidized, we actually lose over $100 per ticket, and sponsorship has been steadily declining, making the previous pricing structure impossible to maintain.

Despite the price increase, however, we anticipate the ENT Saturday night social will be as popular as always for ENT members, and will sell out well before the conference as it typically does. As always, pre-registration is required, and no tickets will be sold or otherwise be available at the door from division representatives. You can register and pay for this event at http://aom.org/annualmeeting/registration/pdw/ once the system is open this spring.

If you are unable to attend the Saturday night event, please note that there is a free ENT division social event Monday night as well, commencing immediately following the ENT business meeting. Attendance at the business meeting gets you one free drink ticket for this social event.

The ELPC also plays a vital role in identifying locations for events regarding the annual consortia: the Doctoral, Early Career Development (formerly New Faculty) and Mid-career. If you are interested in attending any of the consortia, please see the announcements that have been posted on the ENT site and through the ENT list-serve digest, and contact the consortia person of contacts (POCs).

Finally, the ELPC also ascertains locations for the two dissertation award celebratory dinners supported by the ENT division. The Heizer award, sponsored by the Heizer Corporation & Heizer family, honors “outstanding doctoral research dealing with the founding, management, growth, and development of high potential new ventures, with venture capital, or with corporate entrepreneurship.” The NFIB award, sponsored by the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) Research Foundation, honors “outstanding doctoral research that deals with the founding, financing, marketing, growth, and development of independent small businesses, family businesses, and minority businesses.” If you are interested in learning more about applying for either of these awards, I highly encourage you to contact Dawn DeTienne at dawn.detienne@colostate.edu for more information.

If you would like more information on the ELPC, or are interested in joining the committee as a local expert for future conferences; please contact Susan Young at syoun103@kennesaw.edu. Thank you, and I look forward to seeing everyone in Boston!


Susan L. Young
ELP Chair, ENT Division, AOM

Committee Members

Chair: Susan L. Young