Mid-Career Consortium

Entrepreneurship Division Mid-Career Consortium 2019 Report

The 2019 Academy of Management Entrepreneurship Division Mid-Career Consortium took place on the afternoon of August 10, 2019.

Approximately 20 of the division’s senior scholars joined an equal number of entrepreneurship scholars who have recently passed a milestone in their career (promotion, tenure, or significant service) to discuss the paths available during the next phase of career development. Topic tables were created to allow participants to discuss a wide range of career opportunities and directions, including exploring mid-career options, enablers to a successful later career, maximizing research, research enablers, and directions, branching out to other scholarship and education options, and paths to greater service and engagement.

Participants in the consortium expressed a great deal of appreciation for the structure of the event, for the frankness of our senior scholars, and for the very practical ideas that emerged.
We would like to thank many senior scholars who gave their time during a very busy Saturday. Thank you to Sharon Alvarez, Candy Brush, Melissa Cardon, Andrew Corbett, Jeff Covin, Per Davidsson, Dawn DeTienne, Bill Gartner, Jerry Katz, Peter Klein, Don Kuratko, Tom Lumpkin, Lou Marino, Jeff McMullen, Don Neubaum, Phil Phan, and Saras Sarasvathy for their time and energies.

We would also like to thank our mid-career participants, who brought such interesting questions.

Next year’s MCC will be co-chaired by Rachida Justo (IE Business School) and Maw Der Foo (NTU Singapore)

Consortium Chairs

Chris Stevens
Rachida Justo