Mid-Career Consortium

Entrepreneurship Division
Mid-Career Consortium 2020
Call for Participants
Academy of Management Annual Meeting
Saturday, August 8, 2020
The Entrepreneurship Division will sponsor a Mid-Career Consortium during the 2020 Academy of Management meetings. This exciting event will help Entrepreneurship scholars who have earned promotion and tenure develop a strategy for actively managing the next stage of their careers. The consortium will take the format of a synchronous meeting, and will be highly interactive, providing an incredible opportunity to interact with some of the leading experts of the Entrepreneurship Division.

Past senior scholars have included: Sharon Alvarez, Candy Brush, Andrew Corbett, Per Davidsson, Bill Gartner, Marc Gruber, Tom Lumpkin, Jerry Katz, Lou Marino, Saras Sarasvathy, Johan Wiklund, Phil Phan, Don Kuratko, Friederike Welter, Jeff McMullen, and Jennifer Jennings.

By interacting with senior scholars such as these, you will be able to design a strategy to achieve your career goals.

Potential topics of discussion:

  1. Setting the stage for the next chapter of your career
  2. Leading in academia: Administration - Department chair, Dean, Center Director
  3. Leading in academia: Book and journal editorships, running conferences
  4. The global Entrepreneurship scholar and post-tenure changes in the scholarship landscape
    1. Getting out of the post-tenure rut with our research
    2. Books versus journal articles
    3. Joint appointments, sabbaticals, international movement, mid-career job markets
  5. The Entrepreneurship teacher and executive education
  6. Identifying and securing grants
  7. Working with doctoral students
  8. Service opportunities to the Entrepreneurship Division
Participants will have opportunities to engage in small group discussions with leading experts of the Division (through small breakout rooms in Zoom) to enable them to gather the information each individual needs to help build their career.

Participation is free of charge. To sign up, please email Rachida Justo (rachida.justo@ie.edu ) with “Mid-Career Consortium” in the subject line. The email should include your name, your university affiliation, and your topics of interest with specific questions you want to ask. Details will follow regarding room location and our exact start time.

Participation will be limited to the first 50 people who sign up, on a first come-first serve basis!

Rachida Justo (IE University) & Maw-Der Foo (Nanyang Business School)
Co-Chairs, ENT Mid-Career Consortium
July, 2020

Consortium Chairs

Rachida Justo (IE University) & Maw-Der Foo (Nanyang Business School)