About Us and Mission

About Us

Our division welcomes researchers, teachers, Ph.D. students, consultants, entrepreneurs, and anyone who shares our mission of growing entrepreneurship scholars. We meet once a year at the Academy of Management national conference with many exciting pre-conference workshops, an extensive conference program that focuses on the latest entrepreneurship research, and a number of social activities aimed at fostering networking and the exchange of ideas.

We also have a mid-winter meeting in February of each year that focuses on governance issues for the Division. Anyone interested in becoming involved in helping improve our Division is welcome to attend. Our website highlights a number of conferences, research awards, teaching innovations, Ph.D. opportunities, and other activities that help foster a sense of community as we work together to grow entrepreneurship scholars.

We continually look for ways to innovate and improve our Division and our entrepreneurial community. Please join us as an active participant!

Our Vision

We Grow Entrepreneurship Scholars

Our Mission

We are a network of entrepreneurship scholars that supports the professional development of our members who create and disseminate knowledge.

Our Value Proposition

The Division adds value through scholarship, collegiality, professional growth, inclusiveness, and an enterprising mindset.

Our Domain Statement

The Entrepreneurship Division (ENT) studies the nature, processes, and outcomes of entrepreneurship, broadly defined as efforts by individuals and groups to establish new organizations, introduce new products and services, deploy new business models, and otherwise create new economic or social value. Entrepreneurship also includes processes and behaviors associated with the recognition, analysis, and exploitation of perceived entrepreneurial opportunities; the nature of novelty, creativity, and innovativeness among individuals and organizations; and how people and groups exercise judgment and make decisions under uncertainty.

 The study of entrepreneurship research is an interdisciplinary exercise drawing from economics, sociology, psychology, history, and other academic fields and using a variety of theoretical and empirical approaches, both qualitative and quantitative. Entrepreneurship scholars study a range of related issues, topics, and problems, including but not limited to the following:

 The nature and characteristics of different forms (proprietorships, partnerships, family firms, corporations) and purposes (for-profit, social, sustainable, etc.) for entrepreneurial ventures.

  • The emergence and development of new venture ideas including creativity, alertness to perceived opportunities, and judgment under uncertainty.
  • The characteristics, actions, challenges, and practices of individuals and groups pursuing entrepreneurial ventures and projects.
  • How entrepreneurs pursue and obtain resources (including financial capital) in pursuit of entrepreneurial projects and how strategies, structures, cultures, and processes affect outcomes.
  • The characteristics, actions, and challenges of owner-managers, particularly in the context of small and family businesses, new firms, and high-growth ventures.
  • Technological, organizational, and business model innovation in pursuit of new economic or social value.
  • The effect of institutions and public policy on entrepreneurship and innovation.