Message from Chair of the ENT Continuity Council

By Sarah Jack

Dear ENT Members, 

The purpose of this message is to give you some insight into the Entrepreneurship Division Continuity Council.  As you can imagine, with the rotating leadership of the Executive Committee (5-year leadership term, 5 different roles comprising PDW Chair, Program Chair, Chair Elect, Chair, Past Chair), ideas, decisions, processes, and best practices are at risk of being lost. Our hard-working secretary, Diane Sullivan, is extremely diligent in documenting everything and we have put into place documentation that can help as one rotates into their new role throughout their leadership term. However, there is still some potential for loss of institutional knowledge. The purpose of the Continuity Council is to help maintain stability (and therefore limit knowledge loss).     

The committee is chaired by the immediate Past Chair and is comprised of three additional former Chairs of the Division. The specific duties include: 

  • Orient new leaders
  • Give leadership counsel (e.g. individual and mid‐year)
  • Provide leadership coaching, as needed
  • Improve communications (including evaluation and oversight)
  • Assume special projects as assigned by the Division Chair 

Thank you for your trust in my leadership and please reach out to me with any questions or suggestions for our Division.  

Warm Regards,

Sarah Jack

Committee Chair

Committee members

Committee Chair:
Sarah Jack