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The AOM Entrepreneurship Division Financial Position:
An update in the COVID-19 Era

January 2022
Maribel Guerrero
AOM ENT Division Treasurer

As the 2019-2021 AOM Entrepreneurship (ENT) Division Treasurer, I was honored to serve our Division with the responsibility to continue the great work of previous treasures. During this period, the purpose of the treasurer report in 2019 NewsBlast and the 2020 NewsBlast was to explain historical financial trends, as well as understand the challenges related to the ENT division goals/projects’ financial sustainability over time. Then, in the 2021 NewsBlast, we described the ENT Division’s financial response to the COVID-19 pandemic effects.

In the 2021 fiscal year, the AOM Annual Meetings’ virtual model continued to diminish several operating expenses (i.e., social and networking events). Regarding income sources, we are very thankful for the division sponsors’ vibrant financial efforts, as well as vital financial allocation from the AOM. In this view, the ENT Division allocated financial resources to achieve strategic goals (i.e., Doctoral Consortium, PDW sessions, Paper sessions, Awards recognitions) and implement new initiatives (i.e., ENT-Encounters mentorships, Symposiums, Workshops, Virtual Social Events).

The Entrepreneurship Division Executive Committee currently creates value through multiple entrepreneurial initiatives and will implement innovative financial strategies “to sustain our goals while remaining financially sound”. We are optimistic that the ENT division will be ready for the new decade’s goals, projects, and opportunities with the ENT community support.

We hope to see you in Seattle!

Best wishes in the new entrepreneurial year, and stay safe!


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