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Program Chair's Message

May 2024
Vishal Gupta 
AOM ENT Division Program Chair

We are on track for a great Entrepreneurship program in Chicago! 
This year we received a total of 1086 submissions (984 papers, 64 symposia, and 38 PDWs), of which 994 papers and 64 symposia were finalized submissions. Based on the acceptance threshold allocated to us by AOM, we were able to accept 497 papers for traditional paper sessions (50% acceptance rate) and 45 symposia (70% acceptance rate). The Entrepreneurship Division sessions will be held at the Hyatt. The Program Team for this year consists of four incredibly wonderful people: Sofia Johan, Marcus Wolfe, Rai Siddhant Sinha, and Athina Skiadopoulou. The program team works behind-the-scenes, doing much of the work that goes into making the ENT Program a success. 
Thanks to all for your hard work in putting papers and proposals together, and congratulations to those who had your submissions accepted. Our Division members are doing a fantastic work on a variety of topics, using many different methods, and in several unique contexts. As program chair, I regret we were unable to accept more submissions. Having had my own (high-quality) paper rejected at another AoM division this year, I can understand first-hand the disappointment of not having one’s paper accepted.   
Of course, the review process (especially at this scale) is imperfect (and, perhaps always will be!). A total of 1162 volunteers signed up to review for the ENT Division (an incredible number). The AoM automated system assigns reviewers by keywords. 1134 reviewers were assigned papers or symposia proposals to review for a total of 3109 paper assignments and 164 symposia assignments. We try to pool experienced and less experienced reviewers and have some variety of backgrounds and experiences, within the constraints established by the keyword matches. At the end, after reminders and extensions, 3052 review assignments were completed (93.25%), 21 were declined (0.64%), and 149 (4.55%) were never opened. The average number of submissions (review assignments) per reviewer was 2.89. The average number of reviewers (review assignments) per submission was 3.12. 
I would like to say a special thank you to all those who reviewed for the Division this year. We are extremely fortunate that just about all volunteer reviewers provided useful and timely feedback with only a small number not making the deadlines. We will be acknowledging our reviewers, including best reviewers and champion reviewers, at AoM. 
I hope you have been able to rate your reviewers—reviewing is hard work, and it would be impossible to put together such a large program without the conscientious efforts of our excellent reviewer pool. 
Thanks again for all you do to make the Entrepreneurship Division great. I look forward to seeing you in Chicago!


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