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Highlights from the 2022 Virtual Mid-winter Meeting of Entrepreneurship Division’s Leadership

March 2022
Diane M. Sullivan
AOM ENT Division Secretary

The 2022 Mid-winter Meeting of the Entrepreneurship Division was hosted this January by the Entrepreneurship Division Chair, Sarah Jack of the Stockholm School of Economics and Lancaster University. For the second time in Division history (the first being in 2021), the Mid-winter Meeting was held in a completely remote format.

Participating in this year’s Mid-winter Meeting were members of the Entrepreneurship Division’s leadership spanning the globe from Belgium, Canada, Denmark, France, Norway, Spain, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and the USA.

Throughout the meeting, the leadership focused on planning the Division’s activities and events for 2022 hybrid Academy of Management Conference including, in part, planning high-quality consortia and social events, considering new engaging activities throughout the year, and planning other meeting content and experiences relevant to the diversity of interests represented by the Division’s membership.

A number of special topics were emphasized at this year’s meeting. Most notably, Division leaders worked to successfully finalize the Division’s five-year review report. Every five years Divisions are reviewed by the Academy of Management as a means of encouraging reflection and planning for the subsequent five years, as well as receiving feedback from the Academy of Management. For 2022, the Entrepreneurship Division is among the Divisions being reviewed by the Academy. Thus, this important activity held special prominence at the 2022 the Mid-winter Meeting.

Other notable special topics centered on the consideration of the Division’s organizational structure in light of the large size of the Division (Entrepreneurship is the fourth largest Division in the Academy of Management), the pursuit of new strategic initiatives, and the alignment between Division awards and sponsorships.

Overall, the 2022 Entrepreneurship Division Mid-winter Meeting was a productive event for the Division’s leadership, all of whom thank Division Chair, Sarah Jack, for organizing and hosting the event, and for ensuring it ran smoothly.


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