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Highlights from the 2023 Mid-winter Meeting of Entrepreneurship Division’s Leadership

March 2023
Diane M. Sullivan
AOM ENT Division Secretary

The 2023 Mid-winter Meeting of the Entrepreneurship Division was hosted this January by the Entrepreneurship Division Chair, April Franco of the University of Toronto. The meeting was held in a hybrid format, allowing in-person and virtual participation from the Entrepreneurship Division’s leadership spanning the globe from Canada, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the USA. 

The meeting was an incredibly busy one with the leadership focusing on planning the Division’s activities and events for the 2023 Academy of Management Conference, including the Plenary session, the Division-sponsored consortia, Division social events, and future initiatives that will enhance Division members’ experiences and professional development.

Of note, several changes to the Division’s Constitution were voted on and approved by the Executive Committee. The next step in the approval process is to put the changes to the Division’s membership for a vote, which members can expect to see on the Division’s ballots in early 2023. Proposed changes include:

  1. Adding two standing committees to the Division: mentorship committee and sponsorship committee.
  2. Changing the Division’s definition of a quorum to: A quorum of the Executive Committee is defined as a majority of voting members attending any meeting. Meetings may be held in person or via technology.
  3. Specifying the term length of a Division Representative-at-Large position to be three-years.

Other notable special topics centered on the consideration of revising the Division’s Vision statement to ensure it is inclusive, continuing enhancements to the Division’s organizational structure due to the large size of the Division (Entrepreneurship is the fourth largest Division in the Academy of Management), and the development of an oral history of the Division.

Overall, the 2023 Entrepreneurship Division Mid-winter Meeting was a productive event for the Division’s leadership, all of whom thank Division Chair, April Franco, for organizing and hosting the event, and for ensuring it ran smoothly. 


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