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    (posted on behalf of @Rachida Justo, Program Chair)  2023 Entrepreneurship Division Plenary Agenda: "Balancing Rigor and Relevance: Bridging Academia and Practice in Entrepreneurship Research" In the field of entrepreneurship, the importance of conducting ... More

Message from Immediate Past Division Chair

September 2023
April Franco
AOM ENT Immediate Past Division Chair

Thanks to all our members, officers, and volunteers for your fantastic efforts in 2022-23. It is an understatement to say that the last few years have been nothing like the previous ones, and this year continued to follow that path. After waiting to see if the conference would be hybrid, it was terrific to be able to come back to a more in-person conference in Boston! It was great to see so many people there who we haven’t been able to see. 

Thanks to our Program Chair, Rachida Justo, and our PDW Chair, Vishal Gupta, for organizing a marvelous program for the ENT Division. Of course, much of the hard work of putting together consortia, PDW’s, and symposia, as well as the research for the paper sessions is done by our innovative and brilliant members! Thank you to all who submitted and reviewed submissions, as well as those who came to present, discuss, moderate, and network. The ENT Division is truly blessed to have such a great membership! 

The Division’s key priorities over the last year, which will continue in the coming year, are community development and to collaborate and cooperate with other Divisions. As I mentioned at the Business meeting, the ENT Division is the place for anyone who is interested in entrepreneurship – this is your Division. As such, we have taken on a number of initiatives to support new scholars, those from underrepresented communities or countries, and really anyone interested in entrepreneurship. We are an inclusive community and encourage our members to support each other. 

In addition, we have started to reach out to other Divisions in a more formal manner to collaborate and cooperate. Last year, we had several meetings with other Divisions. This helped us to learn about how other Divisions have organized the work of the Division, as well as connect our leadership team with others who have the same responsibilities. In addition, we have started to work on some collaborative projects and are looking forward to sharing these in the coming year.

Our 2023-24 Program Chair, Vishal Gupta, and PDW Chair, Christine Theodoraki, will be working hard to build on our success this year and put on the best possible program for Chicago, including looking for ways to incorporate new items that will add value to the conference as well as beyond the conference. Under the capable leadership of Division Chair Jon Carr, Chair-Elect Rachida Justo, and the rest of the team, the Division is in great shape! 


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