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Message from Immediate Past Division Chair

September 2022
Sarah Jack
AOM ENT Immediate Past Division Chair

Thanks to all our members, officers, and volunteers for your fantastic efforts in 2021-22. What a year! Unlike last year’s remote conference and networking, this year started with uncertainty – would we or wouldn’t we be holding an in-person event? Thankfully, everything worked out and it was fantastic to see so many of you in Seattle.

Thanks to our Program Chair Jon Carr and our PDW Chair Rachida Justo for organizing a terrific program for the ENT Division and to all of you who presented, discussed, attended, online and in person, and networked…!

Now we have more of an understanding about how AOM and the ENT Division program might look going forward. The face-to-face conference in Seattle was great, however, the Division will continue to think through how it might use and extend the capabilities it developed so successfully for remote interaction and collaboration. One of the Division’s goals over the past year, and which we will continue to work on this coming year, was how we might continue with these capabilities to deliver more value to you, the members, throughout the year. This includes continuing our virtual mentoring activities via the AOM Connect platform as well as our New Member Committee’s e-encounter program, enhancing our social media presence, and providing new content such as online seminars and workshops and a Meet the Scholar interview series. If you’re interested in volunteering to help with any of these efforts, please do let one of us know!

Our 2022-23 Program Chair Rachida Justo and PDW Chair Vishal Gupta will be working hard to build on our success this year and put on the best possible program for Boston, including looking for ways to incorporate virtual pre- and post-conference elements that add value to the conference. Under the capable leadership of Division Chair April Franco, Chair-Elect Jon Carr, and the rest of the team, the Division is in great shape!


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