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AOM Entrepreneurship Division 
Financial Position 

January 2024
Maribel Guerrero
AOM ENT Division Treasurer

I have been honored to serve as Treasurer for our AOM Entrepreneurship (ENT) Division since August 2018. I assumed this role with the responsibility to continue the great work of previous treasurers.


Over the past six years, we have provided information on the historical financial trends of the ENT division in terms of income sources and expenses. We have also recognized the challenges of the division's goals and projects to maintain financial sustainability, especially in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. Additionally, we have designed a sponsor support menu to improve the value created for the ENT community in response to the AOM Governance's decision not to allocate funds for 2023 despite the high inflation rates. 


During the fiscal year 2023, the ENT Division Executive Committee undertook financial efforts (with a focus on managing operational expenses) to achieve all strategic objectives, including the Doctoral Consortium, PDW sessions, Paper sessions, Symposiums, Awards recognitions, and social/networking events. On the income side, the Entrepreneurship Division Sponsorship Committee promoted the new sponsor’s menu, increasing the number of sponsors in this edition. We are EXTREMELY thankful for all ENT division sponsors’ vibrant financial support.


In my last term as ENT Division treasurer, during the fiscal year 2024, we received some good financial news this December. The AOM governance informed all divisions that AOM would provide the VITAL annual financial allocation this year. As a result, during the January Mid-Winter Meeting (MWM), we will redefine actions to create value through diversity, equality, inclusivity, and entrepreneurial initiatives. The ENT Division aims to be grounded on “innovative and entrepreneurial” financial strategies “to sustain our goals while remaining financially sound”, aligning with the 2024 AOM theme “Innovating for the future”.


THANKS in advance to our past/current sponsors and all members of our ENT community for their incredible support.


We hope to see you in Chicago!


Best wishes in the new entrepreneurial year!


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