• Call for Volunteers (Communication Committee)

    The Communications Committee is seeking new members for 2 important teams:

    1. Video Creation and Curation – Members of this team will help to create, edit, and curate videos that will be used in social media and on the website. We expect there will be 2-3 videos per month, mostly short (2-4 minute videos). We will create an initial video set that works with committee chairs to describe key roles in the division.
    2. Social Media – We are seeking active social media users to coordinate with the leaders of this team to help solicit, create, and share appropriate social media content.

    We encourage PhD members of the division to volunteer for the positions to increase your exposure to the community and get connected with senior scholars in the field. Please reach out to Lou Marino ( if interested.

  • Plenary Session at AOM: Entrepreneurship in 2030

    (posted on behalf of Sarah L. Jack, Program Chair)

    For entrepreneurship scholars, understanding what the practice of entrepreneurship looks like, not only in the present but also for the future, is important. What might the future of entrepreneurship as a practice look like? How might this impact how we carry out research and teaching? The Entrepreneurship Division will host a virtual Plenary Session at this year’s AOM Annual Meeting to discuss and debate what the year 2030 might hold.

    We are delighted to welcome Professors Johan Wiklund and Marco van Gelderen to share initial findings from their recent study with Professor Jeff McMullen, titled “Entrepreneurship in 2030.” The two-round Delphi study they conducted involved the input of over 250 editorial board members from the Journal of Business Venturing and Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice.

    They will be joined by Division members who represent the future of entrepreneurship, including Dr. Anna Long (California State University San Bernardino, USA) and doctoral students Afua Owusu-Kwarteng (Recirculate, Lancaster University in Ghana and UK) and Ketan Goswami (Ivey Business School, Canada). Their discussion will be followed by a Q&A session, where Professors Wiklund and van Gelderen will field questions from the broader audience.

    Please join us for the ENT Division’s virtual Plenary Session (in real time) on Monday, August 10, 2020 at 12 noon (NY/EST). We look forward to seeing you soon.

    Sarah Jack
    Program Chair

  • Deadline Extended: Nominations for Innovation In Pedagogy Award

    Dear Colleagues:

    Deadline for nominations of the Entrepreneurship Division’s 2020 Innovation in Pedagogy Award has been extended to May 29th, 2020. The Academy of Management Entrepreneurship Division and Yeshiva University present an annual award ($1500) to the person(s) who develops and implements an innovation in entrepreneurship pedagogy for either graduate or undergraduate education. Please nominate to encourage not only innovations in pedagogy, but also the dissemination of such innovations!
  • Thank you, Reviewers

    (posted on behalf of Sarah L. Jack, Program Chair)

    Dear Reviewer 

    Thank you for all your help and support with the reviewing process. Putting together the Annual Meeting program would be impossible without the contributions of our excellent reviewers. This year we received a total of 962 finalized paper and symposium submissions – this is an incredible number of submissions and a new record! We have worked hard to ensure the majority of submissions have been assigned three reviewers, giving us 2,886 review assignments, and an average of 2.9 assignments per reviewer. (That’s only the ENT Division reviews – many reviewers are helping other Divisions as well.) 
    I would like to say a very big thank you to all of those who are providing this generous service and giving up your precious time to review.  Your help and support are appreciated very much. We simply could not do this without you. You are so critical to this process.
    I look forward to seeing you in Vancouver.
    Best wishes

    Professor Sarah L. Jack

    Jacob and Marcus Wallenberg Professor of Innovative and Sustainable Business Development

    Stockholm School of Economics

    Box 650, SE-113 83 Stockholm, Sweden

    Visiting address: Sveavägen 65
    Mobile: +46 70 813 46 55

  • Entrepreneurship Division 2020 Elections

    (posted on behalf of Donald O. Neubaum, Past Chair of the Entrepreneurship Division and Chair of the ENT Nominations Committee)

    As the immediate Past Division Chair, I have the distinct honor to work with the ENT Nomination Committee to oversee the Division’s elections for the next executive leader of the Division (PDW Chair) and new Representatives-at-Large (RALs). These positions are central to the continued success and growth of the ENT Division. Our elected officials will help shape the ENT Division over the next few years and bring their time, ideas, energy, and enthusiasm to enhance the vibrancy, professionalism, and friendliness of the Division.

    There will be two steps in the election process (you will be notified through an email sent by the AOM Headquarters):

    STEP 1 – NOMINATIONS: February 1, 2020 – February 28, 2020

    STEP 2 – ELECTIONS: April 16, 2020 – May 17, 2020

    IN STEP 1, all Division members will be able to nominate (or self-nominate) members for the open positions previously mentioned: PDW Chair and Representative-at-Large. Nominations continue to be accepted until February 28, 2020. Please visit to begin the nomination process. Once the Nomination Committee has reviewed all the Division’s nominees for these positions, we will work diligently to finalize the slate of candidates for election.

    IN STEP 2, starting on April 16, the Elections website will be opened to all the members, and this is your opportunity to be part of this important election process by voting for your preferred candidates. The voting process will end on May 17. By voting, you ensure that the elected officers will represent the preferences of our members. Elected officials will also feel their responsibility to serve the membership – a very important responsibility as they take their positions to help the Division advance its mission to grow entrepreneurship scholars

    I look forward to your participation in this election process. In late May, we will notify everyone of the results.
  • The AOM Entrepreneurship Division’s Financial Position

    (posted on behalf of Maribel Guerrero, Treasurer)

    When I assumed the AOM Entrepreneurship (ENT) Division Treasurer, the role represented a great honour as well as a pleasing opportunity to serve our division with the responsibility to continue the great work of previous treasures.   

    In the 2019 NewsBlast, we looked back into the financial statements from 2012 to 2018 to understand the financial position of our Division. During that review, we recognised the invaluable contributions of our sponsors (mostly universities, foundations, and publishers), as well as highlighted fewer sponsors since 2015 (i.e., it partially explaining the changes to the Ent Division Social Meeting). At the same time, we made emphasis on the increment of two operating expenses that are required to achieve all Ent Division goals. First, behind any Consortiums, PDW, Social Events, and Business Meeting, the division expended the highest percentage of their financial budget for engaging/disseminating doctoral, early career, mid-career, and late-career consortiums. Second, the Awards also represented an extraordinary effort of our division and its sponsors to recognise the excellence, advances, and contributions in our research community. Along with that review, we saw that the ENT Division with the support of AOM and sponsors had kept proper management of the incomes and expenses. 

    In 2019, we were very grateful to the ENT Division sponsors’ contributions. Their support allowed the participation of 40 PhD students from diverse countries in the Doctoral Consortium (i.e., we supported five students more than 2018), the recognition to the research excellence with 12 awards (i.e., see the awards winners), and the organization of meeting/interacting with Journal Editors, Co-authors, Colleagues and new Colleagues during the doctoral consortium, early-career consortia, mid-career consortia, late-career consortia, social event, and business meeting. Despite these great opportunities, we should recognise that the big challenge is the financial sustainability of all the ENT division goals/projects over time. The Entrepreneurship Division Committee will discuss this challenge and others during the Mid-Winter Meeting in Colorado. We welcome any thoughts and insights from you about how we might sustain our goals while remaining financially sound. Together, we will support the ENT division’s challenges and financial shape to be ready for the goals and projects of this decade. 

    All the best for the new entrepreneurial year!

  • Call for AOM 2020 Submissions

    (Posted on behalf of Sarah L. Jack, the Program Chair)

    The Entrepreneurship Division now invites paper and symposium proposals for the 2020 Academy of Management Annual Meeting in Vancouver BC, Canada, August 7th-11th, 2020. Proposals should fit the domain of the Entrepreneurship Division which includes not only the phenomena of self-employment, new-venture formation, small-business management, innovation, and firm growth but also more general ideas about the recognition, analysis, and exploitation of perceived entrepreneurial opportunities; the nature of novelty, creativity, and innovativeness among individuals and organizations; and how people and groups exercise judgment under uncertainty and in a variety of contexts.

    This year's conference theme is "20/20: Broadening Our Sight". The most pressing challenges in the 21st century are directly or indirectly related to conflict, discrimination, corruption, wellbeing, economic opportunity, equality, and climate change. Entrepreneurship fits particularly well here. Entrepreneurship is critical for understanding the emergence of new organizational forms such as platforms and ecosystems, worker empowerment, decentralized and open innovation systems, and similar arrangements that foster inclusion, societal development, decentralization, and participation. Communities, industries, places and entire economies are increasingly reliant on a diverse set of entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial ventures to foster growth and sustainable business development and deal with the challenges we are facing. As such, entrepreneurship is at the forefront of today's most important social and economic issues. As members of the Entrepreneurship Division we are in a privileged position to produce and disseminate knowledge to address the challenges of the 21st century. Using the 20/20 vision analogy - we can see things more clearly - we invite members of the Entrepreneurship Division to offer further insight and join in the discussions around this critical theme.

    Paper and symposium proposals are due Tuesday, January 14, 2020 at 5:00 PM ET (NY Time). The submission system will open in early December 2019. Submission guidelines and instructions are here. While we are particularly interested in submissions that relate to the conference theme, papers and symposia on any aspect of entrepreneurship are welcome.

    Thank you: We continue to thank all of our members and colleagues who have submitted, reviewed and volunteered in this and previous years. You have helped make the ENT division collegiate, inclusive, and welcoming and a special place to be for all.

    Reviewers needed: We strongly encourage all who are submitting to the Entrepreneurship Division to support us by volunteering to review for the Entrepreneurship Division. The Division needs at least 1,500 reviewers. Your help in supporting our community with this task and helping its growth and development is greatly appreciated. The reviewer sign-up system opens late October 2019.

    Division Awards: The Entrepreneurship Division recognizes several best paper awards and best dissertation awards.
    Submission Process: All submissions must be made through the AOM submission website found at Please review all submission guidelines and formatting instructions carefully before submitting. If any guidelines or formatting instructions are not met, the submission cannot be reviewed. Please direct any questions to
  • ENT Call for Professional Development Workshops

    (Posted on behalf of April Franco, ENT PDW Chair)

    Professional Development Workshops (PDWs) are among the most rewarding, stimulating, and enjoyable sessions of the Academy of Management (AOM) Annual Meeting. The Entrepreneurship Division invites creative and innovative proposals for interactive PDW sessions for the 2020 AOM Conference in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

    Given its mission, “We Grow Entrepreneurial Scholars,” the ENT Division favors proposals that give participants at all career stages the opportunity to learn new skills, share ideas, help other scholars, have new experiences, and build connections. PDWs are meant as complements, not substitutes, for the regular AOM program. They should not cover conventional themes and topics or be structured as traditional paper or panel sessions. Rather, PDWs should be innovative in content and structure, exploring issues and encouraging interactions not usually featured in the main program.

    PDW sessions are typically structured as workshops, breakout sessions, tutorials, discussion panels, research incubators, or other interactive formats. They provide a forum for exchanging ideas and building relationships in a manner that does not typically fit the constraints of paper and symposium sessions. Knowledge sharing and participation are key, and PDWs present the opportunity to experiment with new models of interaction and engagement. We welcome submissions featuring innovative topics or themes, new forms of exchange, and experimental formats—for example, sessions that use technology in novel ways, create interactions among participants before or after the session, and engage participants in new ways.

    Proposals should interest members of the Entrepreneurship Division, or fit its domain, which includes not only the phenomena of self-employment, small-business management, family business, new-venture formation, innovation, and firm growth but also more general ideas about the recognition, analysis, and exploitation of entrepreneurial opportunities; the nature of novelty, creativity, and innovativeness; and how individuals and groups exercise judgment under uncertainty. Sessions with standard paper presentations are more appropriate for traditional symposia.

    The most effective PDWs encourage interaction among individuals and groups which do not typically participate in the same sessions, workshops, and activities: not only within the Entrepreneurship Division (e.g., between junior and senior scholars, between academics and practitioners, among scholars from different countries, among academics following different career paths, and so on), but also across the divisional lines of the Academy. Hence you are encouraged to work with colleagues within and outside the Division and submit appropriate PDW proposals which have broad appeal to the Academy membership at-large. While not required, submitters are encouraged to consider the overall AOM 2020 conference theme, “2020: Broadening Our Sight,” when developing their proposals.

    Proposals will be evaluated based on (a) the expected substantive and networking benefit for participants, (b) plans for creating an interactive and engaging session, (c) the breadth of interest of the session for individuals and groups within the Division and the broader Academy, (d) the novelty of the topic or the forum for the exchanges, (e) the effective use of program time, and (f) the fit with the conference theme. We encourage proposals which explicitly address these six criteria.

    As PDWs are intended for professional development, proposals should explain how their session will foster interaction and personal development among participants as well as the audience they will aim to attract. In order to allow interaction, PDWs are typically at least two hours long, though sessions may be as short as 1.5 hours. Further, all submissions are limited to no more than 8 pages but must have at least 4 pages. The title page must include the Academy submission system-assigned 5-digit submission number, title of the workshop (in Title Case), name of primary sponsor, and a list of other sponsors who might be interested in the workshop as well as an abstract (250 word maximum), one page explanation of why the workshop should be of interest to the ENT division, one page description of the PDW format, 1-3 page overview of the workshop.  The page format requirements for all submissions is as follows: Times New Roman 12-point font, double-spaced, 1-inch (2.5cm) margin all around, and 8.5" x 11" page setting. The entire submission must be contained in ONE document and must be either .pdf, .doc, .docx, or .rtf format. Please note that if any of the above guidelines and formatting requirements are not met, the submission will not be reviewed.

    PDW proposals may be submitted online at beginning in early December of 2019 (AoM is targeting a December 3rd date). Early submissions and expressions of interest are encouraged. The deadline for submissions is January 14, 2020, at 5PM ET (NY Time). The PDW program runs from 8 am Friday through 8 pm Saturday (August 7 and 8, 2020). All named PDW participants must commit to participation in advance. All proposals require a statement indicating that all named participants have consented to participate in the PDW. The AOM’s “Rule of Three” for the PDW program is that “no one may submit or be associated with more than 3 PDW submissions; or appear in more than 3 PDW sessions during the preconference from Friday to Saturday, regardless of whether the sessions are held on-site or off-site.”

    If you have questions or would like to discuss a potential workshop idea, please contact the Entrepreneurship Division’s PDW Chair, April Franco at To ensure sufficient time to develop your proposal, please forward your general inquiries before December 20, 2019.

    See you in Vancouver!