By Erik Monsen

The Entrepreneurship Division Research Committee comprises a diverse group of 37 accomplished academics located in the North America, South America, Europe, and Asia. Each member serves a three-year term.

The main responsibility of the committee is to assist in judging the following awards to be presented at the AOM annual meeting: (1) Best empirical paper, (2) Best conceptual paper, (3) Best family business paper, (4) Best social entrepreneurship paper, and (5) Foundational paper. The first four awards are for papers submitted to the AOM annual meeting. The nominations for those awards are made by the ENT Program Chair following the conference submission review process. The fifth award is for published research and its nominations are made by the ENT division members.

The research committee receives all award nominations by the end of March and normally makes its decisions by the end of April. The process is managed by the research committee chair. Once the nominations are in, the committee collaborates online to evaluate the nominations and choose the winners.

In addition to recognizing research excellence and impact, the committee constantly considers new initiatives to promote even better research and researchers. Regular initiatives include sponsoring PDW sessions on topics that can enable and advance future research. Other initiatives include the dissemination of the award winning research through the division’s website and Newsblast. We are constantly on the look for new ideas and other means to promote research excellence, so please send us your ideas.

We are also very interested in keeping the committee fresh and vibrant, and therefore look forward to recruiting new members each year. Thus, if you have prior conference and journal reviewing experience and are interested in contributing to the Research Committee, please reach out to us at

Please follow the links below for up to date information on research conferences and calls for papers:

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