Scholarly Development

Global Scholar Development Committee – DISCOtech

Much as Studio 54 was the catalyst for a new era in the New York City scene, our DISCOtech is the catalyst for the Development of International Scholarship Collaboration Opportunities and the techniques needed to support global research collaborations. It empowers scholars to connect with individuals who live, work and/or conduct research in countries of interest to a scholar, and to discuss strategies for developing broad collaborations that cross national, cultural and methodological in research and beyond. If you want great opportunities to connect in an informal setting that provides opportunity for individuals like you to meet others to conspire on research collaborations, DISCOtech will be the place.

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Doctoral Consortium

The consortium brings together doctoral students and experienced faculty to discuss opportunities and challenges as scholars in the field.

Mid-Career and Late-Career Consortia

Mid-Career Consortium 

The objective of the Mid-Career Consortium is to help post tenure entrepreneurship scholars develop a strategy for actively managing the next stage of their career.

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Late-Career Consortium 

The objective of the Late-Career Consortium is to help late-career faculty (i.e. PhD + 15 years or more) manage the new demands of this career stage and to take advantage of the new opportunities and career transitions that arise.

Early-Career Consortium

This consortium is specifically designed to meet the needs of those scholars who are early in their career such as tenure-track assistant professors and ABD's.