Early-Career Consortium

Early Career Consortium Report

By Justin Webb and Geoffrey Kistruck

The Entrepreneurship Division Early Career Consortium was held on August 10th 2018 at the Academy of Management meeting in Chicago. The consortium was coordinated by Geoff Kistruck (York University) and Justin Webb (University of North Carolina at Charlotte).

This year, there were 43 applicants and 28 were accepted into the ENT division early career consortium, with early-career faculty attending from Europe, Asia and North America.

The consortium was designed to help early-career scholars think through the challenges they are likely to face as assistant professors seeking to earn tenure. In addition to sessions on tips for working through the review process and understanding tenure requirements across different types of universities, the consortium included sessions on how roles can evolve personally, becoming and staying an excellent teacher, and undertaking ambitious research projects. The attendees had the opportunity to engage with and learn from mostly mid-career scholars who had recently traversed their own early-career phases, including Howard Aldrich, Jim Combs, Cristina Cruz, Linda Edelman, Brett Gilbert, Keith Hmieleski, Geoff Kistruck, Chad Navis, Siri Terjesen, Justin Webb, and Jeff York. The consortium also included a journal editor panel comprised of Marc Gruber of AMJ, Sharon Alvarez of AMR, Chris Tucci of AMD, Johan Wiklund of ET&P, Jeff McMullen of JBV, and Melissa Graebner of SEJ.

Overall, attendees were highly satisfied with all of the sessions in the consortium!

Consortium Chairs

Justin Webb
Geoff Kistruck