Early-Career Consortium

2021 Early Career Development Consortium Report

The Early Career Development Consortium for the entrepreneurship division happened on July 30, 2021. Rob Mitchell of Colorado State University and Jean Clarke of Emlyon Business School directed the session of 34 participants from 13 different countries and 4 continents. Participants were able to engage with mentors: Stephanie Fernhaber, Greg Fisher, Rob Nason, Maija Renko, Ute Stephan, Siri Terjesen, Trent Williams, and Matt Wood. The session involved discussions of balancing the demands of research, teaching, service and life; being efficient and effective in teaching today's students; building a “manageable” research pipeline; developing good research questions; effectively crafting/framing manuscripts; engaging in research for academic and practical impact; getting through the R&R process; and new and interesting methods and approaches to research in ENT. Participants also engaged in conversations on their research with mentors. The session closed with a Q&A session with mentors sharing their experiences navigating the early period of an academic career.

Consortium Chairs

Rob Mitchell and Jean Clarke