Doctoral Consortium

Doctoral Consortium Report 2019

The Entrepreneurship Division Doctoral Consortium was held on August 9th at the Academy of Management meeting in Boston. It was co-directed by Reddi Kotha (Singapore Management University) and Phillip Kim (Babson College).

This year, there were 60+ applicants and 40 were accepted into the ENT division doctoral consortium, all attending in full. There was an even gender split (55% females, 45% males) and strong international representation with students from Europe, Asia and North America.

During the one-day consortium, attendees had met with several senior scholars, including Howard Aldrich, Jeff McMullen, Dimo Dimov, Julia Binder, Wiljeana Glover, Gerry George, Candy Brush, Melissa Cardon, Grégoire Croidieu, Lily Crosina, Melissa Graebner, Denis Gregoire, Chris Rider, Sid Vedula, and Bill Gartner, discussing key topics, including writing, the reviewing process, and teaching. There was also a discussion with editors from the major journals, such as Sharon Alvarez of AMR, Chris Tucci of AMD, Johan Wiklund of ET&P, Jeff McMullen of JBV. In the last session, attendees had the opportunity to get personal feedback from several faculty members: Maksim Belitski, Henrik Berglund,          Steve Bradley, Gabriella Cacciotti, Jim Combs, Sebastian Fourne, Kenneth Goh, David Gomulya, Dominic Lim, Rob Mitchell, Todd Moss, Donald Neubaum, Maija Renko, Arvin Sahayam, Philipp Sieger, Sharon Simmons, David Townsend, Sid Vedula, David Williams, Trent Williams, and Matt Wood on developing their papers. Thank you to all for sharing your time, advice, and insights with the participants.

Overall, attendees express high satisfaction with the consortium this year. The following feedback sums the experience for many of the participants:“The experience was very positive: offering me the chance to meet others in the field, receive targeted feedback on my work, and show me new ways to think about and organize my research.”

Stay tuned for information about the 2020 Doctoral Consortium application process for the AOM Conference in Vancouver.

Consortium Co-Chairs

Reddi Kotha (Singapore Management University)
Phillip Kim (Babson College)