Doctoral Consortium

Doctoral Consortium

Academy of Management Entrepreneurship Division 2020 Doctoral Consortium

For this year, the Entrepreneurship Division Doctoral Consortium (DC) comprised three segments: the synchronous segment, the asynchronous segment, and the mentor-mentees paper development/feedback session. Marilyn A. Uy (Nanyang Technological University, Singapore) and Michael M. Gielnik (Leuphana University of Lüneburg) served as co-directors. PhD Student Representative Ketan Goswami (Ivey Business School) also helped in organizing the DC. 

A total of 33 PhD students (17 men, 16 women) from different parts of the world (Asia, Europe, North America, Australia) were accepted into the DC and participated fully in all three segments of the DC program. 

The synchronous segment took place on August 7 at the Academy of Management’s virtual platform Pathable and started with the Meet-the-Editors session. The Editors’ Panel consisted of Sharon Alvarez (Academy of Management Review), Denis Grégoire (Academy of Management Journal), Keith Hmieleski (Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal), Mirjam Knockaert (Journal of Business Venturing), and Ute Stephan (Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice). The next session was a fireside chat with Howard Aldrich, where participants asked questions related to his talk “How to Write After Graduate School”. Participants had the opportunity to engage in small group discussions on topics related to challenges and opportunities in academia based on the burning questions submitted by the participants several weeks before the session (i.e., publishing, navigating the job market, networking, research methods, and wellbeing). The synchronous segment ended on a high note with Dean Shepherd’s keynote address. 

The asynchronous segment comprised recorded videos on practical tips and advice from Maija Renko (on improving writing through reviewing), Jeff Gish (on networking) and Larry Plummer (on journal selection and linking strategy and entrepreneurship literatures), as well as compiled resources (blogs, videos, interview clips, journal articles, social media groups, etc.) to help doctoral students develop their academic careers. 

The mentor-mentees paper development/feedback sessions were conducted based on the preference and availability of the respective mentors and mentees (each senior scholar was assigned up to two students). During the session, mentors provided developmental feedback on the mentees’ work-in-progress papers. Students also had the opportunity to read each other’s papers and offer feedback. The following scholars generously volunteered their time to serve as mentors: Melissa Cardon, Lily Crosina, Per Davidsson, Markus Fitza, Maw-Der Foo, Benson Honig, Annelore Huyghe, Phillip Kim, Kim Klyver, Moren Lévesque, Mona Mensmann, Charles Murnieks, Jeffrey Pollack, Maija Renko, Nina Rosenbusch, Matthias Tietz, and Stephen Zhang. 

Despite the challenges of a virtual DC, participants were satisfied with the overall program. The following are some feedback provided by the participants: 

“The session with my mentor was fantastic. I received excellent feedback on my working paper and could ask any questions. I felt my mentor took the time to really explore my paper.” 

“The Q&A with Howard was valuable to me. I have always struggled with constantly writing and Howard had some fantastic tips on how to achieve this.”

“This was a great session. I particularly liked the breakout session where I got to know fellow students a little bit better. Thanks for making this possible.” 

“Dean's talk was very refreshing and insightful.” 

Thank you to all the scholars for your invaluable contributions to the DC. Special thanks to Dawn De Tienne, April Franco, and Sarah Jack, for their tireless support and encouragement throughout the planning, preparation, and implementation stages of the DC.

Consortium Co-Chairs

Marilyn Uy ( and Michael Gielnik (