Late-Career Consortium

This year we had the entrepreneurship late career consortium as a face-to-face event at AOM. Once again, we had a good number of attendees to gain tips on career development. The consortium ran for 1.5 hours, with each presentation running between 10 and 15 minutes. Our goal was to focus on the type of questions and understanding of activities that are pertinent to scholars who finished their Ph.D. program 15 years or more ago. 

The session was moderated by Roland Kidwell and Isabel Botero. This year we had the following speakers join us:

  • Ariane Froidevaux (from Careers Division) talking about Late career renewal and sustainability as an academic.
  • Jerry Katz talking about “Leveraging your knowledge, networks and the net for late-career opportunities
  • Laura Constanzo shared her experience onLate career strategies: An international perspective
  • Kelly Shaver provided insights onBecoming an Angel Investor”.
  • Roland Kidwell shared his thoughts on Having "the talk" with mid-career faculty 

After serving his second year Roland Kidwell is now the immediate past chair, and Matt Allen from the UK is joining as the new co-chair for the program in 2023. We would like to thank Roland for his contribution to the Consortium over the last two years. 

If you would like to be part of this consortium, please reach out to Isabel Botero at the University of Louisville.

Consortium Chairs

Isabel Botero and Matt Allen