Late-Career Consortium

Late-Career Consortium 2024

The Late Career Consortium focuses on the career and life questions of late-career faculty (defined as 15 years or more since completing PhD). The aim of the session is to help scholars in any discipline manage the new demands of this career stage and to take advantage of the various opportunities and career transitions that arise. 
This year’s consortium will focus on the various opportunities that colleagues have that build on  the skills and knowledge that they have developed over their careers. These can be within university structures, such as becoming a head of a department or a dean of a businsses, or outside academia, such as investing in start ups and designing public policy. As ever, attendees are free to raise any issues that they would like advice on. The panellists and other attendees will have a wealth of experience and a range of perspectives, enabling them to offer sage and actionable advice. 
The consortium is open to all AOM attendees and will run for 120 minutes. 
Matthew Allen, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK
George Saridakis, the University of Kent, UK
Likely Presentation/Discussion Topics include:
• Representing your university on a larger stage
• Becoming an angel investor.
• Going "hog wild"
• Converting research findings into policy
• Continuous career development
For more information – or to request/suggest additional topics or topics for 2025 – please contact Matthew Allen, or George Saidakis, 

Consortium Chairs

Matt Allen and George Saidakis