Late-Career Consortium

The Late Career Consortium at this year’s AOM meeting focused on the career and life questions of late-career faculty (PhD + 15 years or more). The aim of the consortium was to help scholars in late career manage the new demands of this career stage and to take advantage of the opportunities and career transitions that arise. Moderated by Dr. Kim Eddleston (Northeastern University), the consortium started with careers researcher Dr. Ariane Froidevaux (University of Texas-Arlington) who set the stage with a discussion of late career renewal and sustainability as an academic. She provided an overview of her research on careers and a model that linked career, retirement, and identity. Dr. Froidevaux applied a conceptual model of small business owners’ retirement process to an entrepreneurship academic’s late career process.

This insightful presentation was followed by expert advice on the benefits of social media by Dr. Alfredo De Massis (Free University of Bozen-Bolzano) who provided key takeaways on how to use various social media to connect with other academics, get the word out on your current research, and communicate with students and others. His presentation was followed by Drs. Donna De Carolis (Dean of the School of Entrepreneurship at Drexel University) and Jon Carr (Department Head at North Carolina State University) who provided insights on moving into academic administration. The presenters stressed the importance for entrepreneurship scholars taking on roles as chairs and deans, not only to serve their faculty colleagues and build their institutions but to provide scholars a place at the table that would potentially enhance respect and resources for the entrepreneurship field as a whole.

These presentations were followed by Dr. Roland Kidwell (Florida Atlantic University) who discussed community engagement including building entrepreneurship training programs for veterans and underserved communities as well as mentoring programs for prospective student entrepreneurs. He also discussed podcasting, exemplified by FAU’s involvement in the Boca Raton Shrimp Tank Podcast, which has interviewed more than 160 South Florida entrepreneurs since its inception in 2018.     

The session was capped off with a discussion of the Entrepreneurship Division’s e-Encounters mentoring initiative for junior faculty. Ketan Goswami (Ivey School), co-leader of the program, outlined its aims and results. He was followed by Drs. Isabel Botero (University of Louisville) and Kerri Cissna (Miami of Ohio) who discussed their roles as mentor and mentee in e-Encounters. 

In all, we had a relatively well attended event that is available to watch via video. We wish to thank Kim Eddleston for devoting multiple years to the consortium. Roland Kidwell and Isabel Botero will serve as co-chairs for 2022 and seek a faculty member to join the team in 2022 and serve as co-chair for 2023 and 2024.

Consortium Chairs

Roland Kidwell and Isabel Botero