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    (posted on behalf of @Jon Carr) ​ The Entrepreneurship Division Hybrid Program is ready to be launched! We are very excited to offer a Plenary Session that we feel will be incredibly thought-provoking for our Division members. The Plenary is entitled “Emerging ... More

Message from the Program Chair

May 2022
Jon Carr
AOM ENT Division Program Chair

We’re on track for a great Entrepreneurship program in Seattle! For the first time ever, the AOM will offer a hybrid program, with in-person, synchronous, asynchronous, and hybrid sessions. This year we received over 900 submissions for the scholarly program! Based on the time units allocated to us by AOM, we were able to accept 530 papers for traditional paper sessions and 38 symposia. The Entrepreneurship Division sessions will be held in a variety of venues, with all the hybrid sessions being offered in the Convention Center.

Thanks to all for your hard work in putting proposals together, and congratulations to those of you who have your submissions accepted. Our Division members are doing fascinating work on a variety of topics, using many different methods, and in several unique contexts; I regret that we were unable to accept more submissions.

With respect to the Program, I thought it might help to describe to you how each of the session delivery modes will work. Of course, the in-person sessions are like our traditional meeting format from the past. For asynchronous sessions, authors provide a recorded video presentation that is uploaded and available on-demand for those meeting participants that wish to see the session. Synchronous sessions are “Zoom-style” sessions, where the moderators and authors are together in a synchronous manner. Papers are presented in a virtual manner, and meeting participants can join these sessions virtually at their designated time. Finally, we are very excited about the hybrid format. In these sessions, it is a combination of in-person and virtual presentations, with authors and participants in a mixed format.

It is important to remember that this is our first time to develop such a program, and so undoubtedly there will be hiccups along the way. In some instances, an author may have to switch modes, so we hope that you are able to “act entrepreneurially” to help make the session happen!

Finally, we will be conducting our first in-person Business Meeting in three years, which will provide an open opportunity for our members to learn more about our present status and future prospects. Long-term, we are very excited about trying to build our Business Meeting in a hybrid format, since it is our overarching goal to give our members multiple ways to engage with other members on important entrepreneurship division news and topics.

Thanks again for all you do to make the Entrepreneurship Division great. I look forward to seeing you (both live and virtually) in Seattle!


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