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New course on Women- and Minority-Owned Businesses

  • 1.  New course on Women- and Minority-Owned Businesses

    Posted 05-10-2021 21:10

    I'm going to teach a new class, next week (yeah, I know, last minute). I have a basic idea of what I will do, but I am also open to any suggestions or ideas. Generally, we will start with some history, and then look at the current state, especially here in Charleston. Among the readings I will be using the book Collective Courage. I also have a local woman that can speak on the recent history and decline of black-owned businesses in Charleston.

    I intend to have numerous guest speakers and am inviting members of a Women of Color Entrepreneur network to join in. I'm thinking of having students do something related to local businesses, like interviewing the business owner. The class is fully online and asynchronous. It's a small class (11 students right now). Almost all students are taking it because it just meets a requirement of an elective for entrepreneurship (it also counts towards the major and minor in African-American Studies, and hopefully soon towards Women and Gender Studies). They are undergraduate business majors. I eventually want to offer this as a 200-level class aimed at cross-campus students, making them more aware that this is a potential path for them since most people associate entrepreneurship with white males.

    You can reach me directly at HansenD@cofc.edu. I welcome any and all suggestions and ideas.  


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