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Check Out the TMI ENT Podcast - For the Students, By the Students

  • 1.  Check Out the TMI ENT Podcast - For the Students, By the Students

    Posted 10-06-2021 17:06
    Have you given then newest student run ENT initiative a listen? 

    The "This Month In" (also known as TMI) Entrepreneurship Podcast is a "for the students, by the students" podcast hosted by the AOM Entrepreneurship Division. 

    Hosted by Ashley Roccapriore (University of Tennessee), Alex Hamrick (Auburn University) & Joshua White (University of Alabama), the TMI Podcast was created for doctoral students given the feedback from the 2020 and 2021 AOM ENT Doc Consortia. 

    With new episodes launching the first Wednesday of each month and the ability to pre-submit questions for faculty to answer, the TMI Podcast allows for faculty from around the world to give advice, while also allowing students to get to know faculty in our field better! 

    Starting off the podcast with a bang, you can now hear the first three episodes of our first season, which was all about the Entrepreneurship Division at AOM, and included guests: Peter Klein, Siri Terjesen, and Jon Carr. 

    You can find the Season 1 podcast episodes here:

    And be sure to send your questions and suggestions for future guests here: tmientpod@gmail.com

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