Mid-Career Consortium

ENT Mid-Career Consortium 2024


The Mid-Career Consortium (MCC) of the ENT Division is designed to meet the needs of those scholars who are midway through their academic careers (e.g., post-tenure).


More specifically, the general objective of the MCC is to help individuals who have achieved tenure, or significant career advancement, to develop a strategy and give guidance for the next stages of their careers. To achieve this, leading entrepreneurship scholars will provide practical advice and mentorship in various regards (e.g., research, teaching, outreach, networks, etc.).

The MCC in 2024 adopts a highly interactive and personalized approach (e.g., through small group discussions, personalized Q&A, etc.). For instance, the attendees will gather at roundtables with senior scholars, based on their main interests, and will engage in intensive discussions to receive otherwise hard-to-obtain feedback and input. Potential topics include, but are not limited to, career opportunities and directions, maximizing research output, ethics in research, branching out to other scholarship and education options, or service and engagement opportunities.


The MCC will take place on Saturday, August 10, from 09:00am to 12:00 (location: Hyatt Regency Chicago, Skyway 272). Scholars interested in participating should contact Miriam Bird (Chair, miriam.bird@tum.de) and/or Stephen Zhang (Co-Chair, stephen.x.zhang@gmail.com) for further information and registration.


Participation is free of charge and will be limited to 25 scholars on a first come-first serve basis. We are looking forward to seeing you in Chicago!

Consortium Chairs

Miriam Bird and Stephen Zhang