Mid-Career Consortium

ENT Mid-Career Consortium 2023 Report


The Mid-Career Consortium (MCC) of the ENT Division took place on Saturday, August 5, from 10:00am to 12:00pm in the Hynes Convention Center. It targeted entrepreneurship scholars who are midway through their careers (e.g., have received tenure). The objective was to assist them in actively planning and managing their next career stages. 
22 mid-career scholars attended the event, which took place in a highly interactive and personal format with a panel discussion and three roundtables. The discussed topics included developing research strategies, balancing roles and requirements in research, teaching, and service, further career-related strategies, obtaining grants and funding, supervising PhD students, and serving the community in general. 
Very importantly, the mid-career scholars benefitted from the experiences and advice of senior scholars, namely Kimberly Eddleston (Northeastern University), Per Davidsson (QUT), Dimo Dimov (University of Bath), Lou Marino (University of Alabama), and Vangelis Souitaris (City, University of London, and University of St. Gallen). 
The feedback from the participants was very positive, and we are already looking forward to the next MCC in 2024!
Philipp Sieger (University of Bern, MCC Chair 2023)
Miriam Bird (TUM, MCC Co-Chair 2023 and Chair 2024)

Consortium Chairs

Philipp Sieger (University of Bern) and Miriam Bird (Technical University of Munich)