Message to Our New Members

It is a pleasure to welcome our new ENT Division members! We hope you are all doing well! Although we are unable to meet in Vancouver for this year’s AOM Annual Meeting, we want to offer you an opportunity to meet other new members and more experienced scholars. The Division’s Membership Committee will set up live, virtual sessions between mid-July and mid-August, where new members will have the opportunity to get to know the division and interact with our senior members. We thank the many senior scholars who volunteered to participate in these New Member sessions.

If you are a new member who has not received an email with details about attending a New Member session, please send me an email as soon as possible. Everyone who participates in the sessions will also receive a leaflet with general information about the Division. You may also email me if you would just like to receive a leaflet.

We very much look forward to meeting you either during the live sessions or at one of our next events. Take care!


Mirjam Knockaert
Chair, Membership Committee
July, 2020


Mirjam Knockaert