• Nomination Updates

    (posted on behalf of @Dawn DeTienne, Past-Chair of the ENT Division at AOM, 2020-2021)

    Thank you all for participating in nominating individuals who you believe will serve the division into the future. Nominations closed on February 28.  Below are the open positions: 
    1) Professional Development Workshop (PDW) Chair (5-year position consisting of PDW Chair, Program Chair, Chair-Elect, Chair, and Past-Chair)
    2) Four Representatives at Large Positions (3-year position)
    3) Treasurer Position (3-year position)
    This year we had 15 nominations for PDW Chair, 65 nominations for RAL, and 5 nominations for Treasurer. We are currently in the process of determining if individuals want to serve and then the committee will set the slate of candidates.
    These positions are vital to the continued growth of our Division. Our elected officials will help shape the Division over the next few years and bring their time, ideas, energy, and enthusiasm to enhance the vibrancy, professionalism, and friendliness of the Division and the programs it offers to its members.
    Elections will begin April 16 and be open until May 18. Please watch for emails from the Academy and the Division to participate in the election. We will announce the winners in May 2021.
    Thank you for your participation in this important process!
    Dawn R. DeTienne
    Professor of Entrepreneurship
    Colorado State University
    Past-Chair of the ENT Division at AOM, 2020-2021