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You missed a good one but if you didn’t… ;)

  • 1.  You missed a good one but if you didn’t… ;)

    Posted 08-14-2023 16:29

     You missed a good one but if you didn't... ;)

    The 2023 PDW on entrepreneurial ecosystems had a roomful of great voices, new and old, all sharing unselfishly. Our great facilitators ensured everyone got to talk and took copious notes. [If you were a facilitator and did not send me your notes, etc., please do! And tag yourselves!]

    Will share more later!

    I am so proud of the 'crew' – co-organizers Christina Theodoraki & Maribel Guerrero, both official CNM plus the facilitators who really stepped up (plus our firestarter speakers Siegel, Spigel & Stam)

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