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What in the world do doc students say to senior faculty at a conference?

  • 1.  What in the world do doc students say to senior faculty at a conference?

    Posted 06-01-2022 06:55
    With it being the first day of BCERC and with AOM being only 65 days away... (scary for those of us on job market!), you're likely getting jitters thinking of going up to a senior scholar to chat about their research. Luckily, for this second episode of the TMI Entrepreneurship podcast, we got to chat with one of the most prolific (and kindest) scholars in the field of entrepreneurship...

    In our second episode of the season, Ashley and Joshua interview Dean Shepherd. Dean gives us insights on how he built his network, advice for approaching senior faculty at conferences, expectations he has for doctoral students when networking, and topics to avoid when running into these folks at a social. Hint: don't ask why your paper got rejected... 

    You can find podcast episodes here:

    The "This Month In" (also known as TMI) Entrepreneurship Podcast is a "for the students, by the students" podcast hosted by the AOM Entrepreneurship Division, with new episodes launching the first Wednesday of each month. Hosted by Ashley Roccapriore (University of Tennessee), Alex Hamrick (Auburn University) & Joshua White (University of Alabama), the TMI Podcast was created for doctoral students to get advice from faculty around the world, while also allowing students to get to know faculty in our field better!

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