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What graduate ENT programs offer experiences with companies?

  • 1.  What graduate ENT programs offer experiences with companies?

    Posted 01-19-2023 11:20
    I'm assisting a graduate student who would like to identify graduate entrepreneurship programs that offer (or require) their students to complete projects (whether they be considered capstone projects, consulting projects, design projects, etc.) with real world companies. 

    We're not looking for internships or paid jobs--these must be curricular requirements that require students to complete projects for companies (deliverables to companies but supervised by faculty). 

    If you know of universities which offer this type of thing, I'd be grateful to hear from you. We can research the details (although all information is appreciated...). Mostly we're trying to figure out which programs feature this in their curriculum. 


    Neil Kane
    Director of ESTEEM Curriculum and Capstone Advising and Assistant Teaching Professor
    University of Notre Dame

    Neil Kane
    Michigan State University