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Using historical data and methods in entrepreneurship research?

  • 1.  Using historical data and methods in entrepreneurship research?

    Posted 09-13-2022 07:14

    Entrepreneurship scholars interested in the use of archives and historical methods may be interested the Business History Conference's virtual event: "Method and Madness: Business Historical Methods in the New Age of Extremes." The event will be held online on September 30 and is comprised of hands-on workshops on new types of archival sources, interpretive methods, and forms of historical representation. The program can be found below. For more information and to register please see here.

    Formed in 1954, the Business History Conference is an interdisciplinary association dedicated to historical research on entrepreneurs and firms in their social, cultural, political, and economic contexts. For more information see here. 

    Method and Madness:

    Business Historical Methods in a New Age of Extremes

    September 30, 2022

    All Times as Eastern Time (EST)


    9:00am            Welcome 

    9:15am            Reinventing Interpretation

    1. Interpreting Visual Sources (R. Halpern and C. Quirke) 
    2. Interpreting the Senses (A. Hisano and S. Kube) 
    3. Understanding Material Culture (J. Black and M. Moskowitz)
    4. Topic Modeling (M. Villamor & F. Prieto-Nañez) 
    5. Databases, Network Analysis and QCA (E. Salvaj, A. Rinaldi & S. Pak) 
    6. Built and Natural Environment (TBA)

    10:15am          Break

    10:30am          Reinventing Sources

    1. Account Books (R. Van, C. Rosenthal, W Deringer) 
    2. Email (S. Decker & David Kirsch)
    3. Online Archives (P. Scranton, E. Balleisen, A. Lluch & G. Jones) 
    4. Advertisements (S. Das and C. Meyers)
    5. Forms and Reports (S. Vanatta and G. Recio) 
    6. Legal Records (A. Merck)

    11:30am          Break

    11:45am          Reinventing Form

    1. Visualizing the past (D. Staley)
    2. History-as-Dialogue: Podcasting (B. Batiz-Lazo and company) 
    3. Business History and Business/Policy in Practice (J. Wilson & A. Tilba)
    4. Microhistory (A. Popp and S. Lewis) 
    5. Curation (M. Moskowitz)
    6. Tiktok History (Z. Zeng) 

    12:45pm          Break

    1:00pm            Wrap Up: The Future of the Past

    Daniel Wadhwani
    University of Southern California