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Two New Frontline IB Interviews are Posted: Jan Erik Vahlne, and Ingmar Bjorkman

  • 1.  Two New Frontline IB Interviews are Posted: Jan Erik Vahlne, and Ingmar Bjorkman

    Posted 05-18-2023 19:41

    Dear Colleagues,

    Two new "Frontline IB" interviews are released this week:

    Jan Erik Vahlne and Ingmar Bjorkman

    Here is the link for accessing the Frontline IB videos. https://www.aib.world/community/frontline-ib/

    Next, we will be releasing interviews with:

    Lemma Senbet and Christopher Bartlett

    You can access previously released interviews on the Frontline IB site:

    Week #1: Peter Buckley, and John Cantwell

    Week #2: David Teece, and Ram Mudambi

    Week #3: Jean Francois Hennart, and Mary Yoko Brannen

    Week #4: Tarun Khanna, and Marjorie Lyles

    Week #5: Oded Shenkar, and Srilata Zaheer

    Week #6: Sarianna Lundan, and Mike Peng

    Week #7: Anil Gupta, and Bernard Yeung

    Week #8: Mark Casson, and Myles Shaver

    Week #9: John Child, and Mary Teagarden

    Week #10: Herman Aguinis, and Alvaro Cuervo-Cazurra

    Week #11: Kathleen Eisenhardt, and Michael Hitt

    Week #12: Donald Lessard, and Farok Contractor

    Week #13: Charles Dhanaraj, and Sumit Kundu

    Week # 14: Nicole Coviello, and Shaker Zahra

    Week #15: Jay Barney, and Rajneesh Narula

    Week #16: Elizabeth Rose, and Paul Beamish

    Week #17: Timothy Devinney, and Julian Birkinshaw

    Week #18: Africa Arino, and Chuck Kwok

    Week #19: Mauro Guillen, and George Yip

    Week #20: Helena Barnard, and Gabriel Benito

    Week #21: Ravi Madhavan, and Klaus Meyer

    Week #22: Lilac Nachum, and Torben Pedersen

    Week #23: Arvind Parkhe, and Vijay Govindarajan

    Week #24: Anne-Wil Harzing, and Sea-Jin Chang

    Week #25: Andrew Delios, and Subi Rangan

    Week #26: Tina Ambos, and Pervez Ghauri

    Week #27: Mike Kotabe, and Ravi Ramamurti

    Week #28: Jonathan Doh, and Sharon Alvarez

    Week #29: Lorraine Eden, and Dana Minbaeva

    Week #30: Paula Caligiuri and Cristina Gibson

    Week #31: Felipe Monteiro and Juan Alcacer

    Week #32: Desislava Dikova and Pierre Dussauge

    Week #33: Zeynep Aycan and Joan Enric Ricart

    Week #34: William Newburry and Paul Vaaler

    Week #35: Elizabeth Maitland and Robert Grosse

    Week #36: Birgitte Groogard and Jennifer Oetzel

    Week #37: Tailan Chi and Axele Giroud

    Week #38: Rosalie Tung and Geoffrey Jones

    Week #39: Keith Brouthers and Nicolai Foss

    Week #40: Daphne Yiu and Anoop Madhok

    Week #41: Saul Estrin and Arjen van Witteloostuijn

    Week #42: Tomas Hult and Andrew Inkpen

    Week #43: Vikas Kumar and Peter Liesch

    Week #44: April Knill and Christos Pitelis

    Week #45: Benjamin Gomes-Casseres and Robert Hoskisson

    Week #46: Eleanor Westney and Jose de la Torre

    Week #47: Eric Tsang and David Reeb

    Week #48: Stefanie Lenway and Stephen Tallman

    Week #49: Esteban Garcia-Canal and Maurizio Zollo

    Week #50: Mansour Javidan and Jane Lu

    Week #51: Mitchell Koza and Ursula Ott

    Week #52: Snejina Michailova and Grazia Santangelo

    Week #53: Agnieszka Chidlow and Ronaldo Parente

    Week #54: Helen De Cieri and Ajai Gaur

    Week #55: David Collis and Harry Sapienza

    Week #56: Hildy Teegen and Peter Williamson

    Week #57: Len Trevino and Daniel Shapiro

    Week #58: Raj Aggarwal and Gary Bruton

    Week #59: Mila Lazarova and Ulf Andersson

    Week #60: Rene Belderbos and Gary Knight

    Week #61: Dan Li and Sergio Lazzarini

    Week #61: Fiona Moore and Attila Yaprak

    Week #62: Kazuhiro Asakawa and Anne Tsui

    Week #63: Christine Chan and Yves Doz

    Week #64: Usha Haley and Jan Selmer

    Week #65: Emmanuella Plakoyiannaki and Luis Gomez-Mejia

    Week #66: Robert Salomon and Jagdish Sheth

    Week #67: Gautam Ahuja and Yongsun Paik

    Week #68: Crystal Jiang and Steve Werner

    Week #69: Paul Almeida and Gunter Stahl

    Week #70: Paul Almeida and Gunter Stahl

    Week #71: Ishtiaq Pasha Mahmood and Esther Tippmann

    Week #72: Wayne Cascio and Luigi Zingales

    Week #73: Shige Makino and Bodo Schlegelmilch

    Week #74: Stephanie Decker and Roger Strange

    Week #75: David Griffith and Allan Bird

    Week #76: Robert Weiner and Ted Snyder

    Week #77: Maria Tereza Fleury

    Week #78: Anthony Goerzen and JT Li

    Week #79: Aida Hajro and Ingo Walter

    Week #80: Pavida Pananond and Asli Colpan

    Week #81: Salvador Carmona and Maria Alejandra Gonzalez Perez

    Week #82: Glenn Hoetker and Noel Capon

    Week #83: Philip Kotler and Ilan Vertinsky

    Week #84: Jan Erik Vahlne and Ingmar Bjorkman

    Please join us in the "Frontline IB: Conversations with IB Scholars" series. This is a video series with prominent international business scholars where we showcase them as a person, as a thought leader and researcher, and finally, as a mentor.

    Most of us read and extensively cite these top IB scholars. Their groundbreaking and seminal papers inspire us, and yet, many of us rarely get to know the "person" behind the scholarly accomplishments. These esteemed colleagues generously share with us how different facets of their lives have influenced their academic work. The recordings are not about particular papers or specific empirical methods. Each researcher has unique perspectives yet exhibit a shared ethos that centers on finding and solving substantive puzzles in IB. These semi-structured interviews are in three parts. First, the guests talk about their journey on how they got into the profession, what else they could or would have pursued, their passions, interests, etc. Second, the scholars talk about promising IB topics, under-explored, not-well-understood, and over-emphasized topics. Third, the scholars share the best advice they received, their advice to young scholars on what to do and what not to do for a successful career. There is much value in learning from their experiences and hindsight.  Each session is practically a 'masterclass' with a top mind in our field. We hope these dynamic segments will keep on inspiring generations of scholars. The recordings are housed in AIB's video library, and public access is made possible by courtesy of AIB.

    Looking forward to sharing many great interviews with you.


    Ilgaz Arikan

    Ilgaz Arikan