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TOC - Journal of Developmental Entrepreneurship

  • 1.  TOC - Journal of Developmental Entrepreneurship

    Posted 09-14-2023 12:28
    Here is the Table of Contents for the September 2024 issue of JDE:

    From the Co-editor: Poverty, Entrepreneurship and Opportunity Horizons, Susana C Santos

    The Quality of the Services Provided by Business Development Centers and Their Effect on Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in Chile by Nicolás Márquez, German Rojas, Susana Chacón and Victor Nocetti

    Career Motivators and Dynamics of Entrepreneurship in the Deaf Community by Richard DeMartino, Rajendran S Murthy and W Scot Atkins

    The Effect of Business Owner Demographics on Loan Forgiveness in a Pandemic by Michael Ogbolu, Ikenna Uzuegbunam and Amanda Hinojosa

    The Entrepreneurial Ecosystem and Performance of Micro and Small Enterprises in Amhara Region, Ethiopia: The Political-Legal Perspective by Mulugate Chane and Heena Atwal

    The Roles of Product Innovation Capability in Marketing Performance by Imroatul Khasanah and I Made Sukresna

    Enabling economic and social change in sub-Saharan Africa: An informal economy perspective by Amon Simba and Mahdi Tajeddin

    Institutional Dimensions and Allocation of Entrepreneurial Talents toward Innovative  Activity in Nigeria by Musa Abdu and Fuat Oğuz


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