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TIM Doctoral Student Consortium – Call for applications

  • 1.  TIM Doctoral Student Consortium – Call for applications

    Posted 05-07-2024 16:26

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    TIM Doctoral Student Consortium – Call for applications

    When: Friday, August 9, 2024 (To Be Confirmed)

    Where: Chicago, In-person only

    Application Deadline: June 21, 2024

    Who should apply: Ph.D. candidates researching technology, innovation, and related topics and who are preparing for the tenure-track job- market. Preference will be given to doctoral candidates entering the job market this season.

    Description: The consortium is organized around three main events:

    (1) Job Market Bootcamp: We will discuss contemporary topics for the upcoming job marketing, such as, how to approach the job market considering the current climate, and, how to prepare for virtual or in-person campus visits including job-talks and interviews. Faculty panelists will also share tips about finishing the dissertation and transitioning from being a student to a faculty member.

    (2) Horizon 2029: Congrats, you landed your dream job! Now what? In small roundtable groups, we will work on a five-year visioning exercise (2024 + 5 = 2029) where you will envision your future research statement and then receive detailed feedback from a faculty mentor on how to plot your path from today to tenure.

    (3) Research Mentorship: Participants will pitch their research (dissertation or job market paper) to a faculty mentor and receive personalized feedback.

    We will also have informal networking sessions throughout and will likely have a group dinner.

    Finally, we do not want financial constraints to preclude your participation in the consortium, so please let us know if you require assistance in paying the AOM registration fee. Scholarships are limited and you will be responsible for travel costs.  There is a place to request assistance on the application form. 

    Faculty mentors: The program will include a keynote speech by Riitta Katila (Stanford University) and a diverse group of faculty mentors: Cheng Gao (Michigan); Harsh Ketkar (Bocconi); Daniel Keum (Columbia); Lauren Lanahan (Oregon); Narae Lee (KAIST); Astrid Marinoni (Georgia Tech); Milan Miric (USC); Elie Sung (HEC Paris); Bart Vanneste (UCL); Keyvan Vakili (LBS)

    Application Process: Please complete the survey on the following link:


    The organizers of the consortium are Nel Dutt (Bocconi) and Hyunjin Kim (INSEAD). For any questions, please email the organizers at nilanjana.dutt@unibocconi.it and hyunjin.kim@insead.edu  

    Nilanjana Dutt
    Bocconi University