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Research in Entrepreneurship Conference 2024 in Nantes, France - RENT2024

  • 1.  Research in Entrepreneurship Conference 2024 in Nantes, France - RENT2024

    Posted 11-22-2023 22:50
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    Conference Theme: The Multiple Faces of Entrepreneurship: Embracing the Diversity of Ambitions, Processes and Practices Worldwide 

    From everyday entrepreneurs to acceleration and growth; from self-employment to collective effort; from the dark side of entrepreneurship to inclusive entrepreneurship; from profitability to sustainability: Let us examine entrepreneurship in its multiple guises and explore the tensions and varying outcomes of entrepreneurial endeavours in their unique context of occurrence. 

    The 2024 RENT Conference is an invitation to reconsider the plurality of entrepreneurship as a multifaceted phenomenon, by focusing on: 

    • The Who, the What, the When, the Why and the How of Entrepreneurship 

    • Exploring entrepreneurial facettes: from ordinary to extra-ordinary entrepreneurs 

    • Dreaming and acting entrepreneurially 

    • Entrepreneurship for a better world.

    Extended abstract submission deadline: 15th of May, 2024 via http://www.rent-research.org/

    Conference Tracks:  Quantitative, qualitative, and conceptual papers are welcome for the following theme tracks 

    1. Opportunity generation and early business development 
    2. Business models (growth, performance), international entrepreneurship 
    3. Entrepreneurial finance for new and growing businesses 
    4. Human capital, social capital, and networks 
    5. Entrepreneurship education and learning 
    6. Policy, support systems, and ecosystems 
    7. Critical perspectives on entrepreneurship 
    8. Methodology and research methods 
    9. Minority entrepreneurship 
    10. Gender and co-preneurship 
    11. Technology and knowledge-based entrepreneurship 
    12. Family business, succession, and business transfer 
    13. Social and sustainable entrepreneurship 
    14. Corporate entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship 
    15. Entrepreneurship in creative economies 
    16. Conducting experiments in Entrepreneurship Research 
    17. Institutions and Entrepreneurship  

    18. Entrepreneurship, Degrowth, Futures 
    19. Conference theme: Multiple Faces of Entrepreneurship  
    20. Open Track 


    Keynote Speakers:  

    Dr. Sophie Alkhaled, University of Lancaster, UK 

    Dr. Sophie Bacq, IMD Business School, Switzerland  

    Prof. Dimo Dimov, University of Bath, UK  

    Conference Venue: Audencia Business School, Atlantique Campus. 

    European Institute of Advanced Studies in Management (EIASM) - Board  Foundation

    Natalia Vershinina
    Professor of Entrepreneurship
    Audencia Business School