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Request to start a new discussion in the daily ENT Digest

  • 1.  Request to start a new discussion in the daily ENT Digest

    Posted 01-28-2023 07:03

    Dear AOM-colleagues,

    I hope you are all fine and in good spirits!

    Hereby, I would like to start a new discussion in the daily AOM-ENT-Division Digest. The structure should be as follows:


    Subject line: Call for Unpublished Data on Migrant Entrepreneurial Intention



    Some colleagues and me are currently collecting data for a meta-analysis on antecedents of migrants' entrepreneurial intentions.

    We are looking for unpublished data to be included in our analyses and would greatly appreciate your support:

    Do you have data on the topic of migrant entrepreneurial intention that has not been published so far?

    Data should fulfill the following criteria to be suitable for our analysis:

    (i) The sample should consist of migrants. We define a migrant as a person that, in course of his or her life, leaves his/her country of birth to live in another country. This includes refugees and all other forms or migration.

    (ii) Entrepreneurial intention should be one dependent variable.

    (iii) The data should include potential antecedents of entrepreneurial intention (e.g. age, attitudes, educational background etc.)

    (iv) The data should include correlations (r preferred), odds ratios or regression coefficients (β).

    Of course, your data/manuscript etc. will be properly cited in our work. Theses fulfilling the criteria (Master, PhD) are also welcome.

    If you would like to share your data or have questions, please write me a mail (philipp.kruse@tu-dresden.de). We intend to complete data collection until 20th February 2023.

    Thank you and take care!





    This is the first discussion I start, so, in case I did something wrong, please let me know!

    Thank you so much for your support and all the best wishes from Germany,