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Participate in the OB Division PDW Bridging Organizational Behavior and Entrepreneurship

  • 1.  Participate in the OB Division PDW Bridging Organizational Behavior and Entrepreneurship

    Posted 06-07-2023 14:12
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    The OB Division, in collaboration with the ENT Division and sponsored by the Kauffman Foundation, organizes a Professional Development Workshop (PDW) "Bridging Organizational Behavior and Entrepreneurship" for the 2023 AOM Annual Meeting in Boston, MA. The aim of this PDW is to stimulate and help develop research at the interface of organizational behavior (OB) and entrepreneurship (ENT). 

    We invite researchers interested in participating to submit a short description of their research at the interface of OB and ENT that they seek to further develop. This can be a short research proposal, an extended summary of a study that you seek to develop for publication, or something that is in-between these two stages of research. At the PDW, you will receive feedback on your research from one of our expert panelists:

    Melissa Cardon, University of Tennessee         
    Miriam Erez, Technion                    
    Jeff Gish, University of Central Florida
    Keith Hmieleski, Texas Christian University           
    Jeff Pollack, North Carolina State University        
    Andreas Rauch, Audencia                     
    Maija Renko, DePaul University            
    Ute Stephan, King's College London     
    Marilyn Uy, Nanyang Technology University 

    You will also be able to participate in a broader, forward-looking, discussion of how to develop research on the interface of OB and ENT, to connect with the other panelist as well as the other participants who share your interest in research on the OB-ENT interface, and to attend presentations by Miriam Erez on research on the interface of OB and ENT and by Wendy Casper on publishing ENT research in the Journal of Applied Psychology. 

    Submissions should be no longer than 10 pages all included (12 font, 1 in margins, double-spaced) and received no later than July 1, 2023 (but we encourage submitting earlier). Please send submissions to Daan van Knippenberg, dvanknippenberg@rice.edu.  

    There is a cap on the number of participants this PDW is able to host. We will therefore select submissions based on fit with the PDW and quality, and follow up with an accept/reject decision asap after July 1. Please note that as with all AOM program activities, submitting your application implies a commitment to participate in the (in-person) session if accepted.

    The organizers: 

    Daan van Knippenberg
    Brad Kirkman
    Jon C. Carr

    Jon Carr
    Distinguished Professor
    North Carolina State University
    Raleigh NC