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New vision for Strategic Change (Wiley) - message from new editor - submit your work!

  • 1.  New vision for Strategic Change (Wiley) - message from new editor - submit your work!

    Posted 05-18-2023 19:41


    I am the new Editor in Chief for Strategic Change (Wiley) and I am writing with some news about the journal.

    The journal has set up a new board, and a team of experienced Associate Editors. With their help we developed a new aim and scope for the journal. We also designed new guidelines for submissions. 
    Strategic Change is changing!
    Editorial team
    I am now pleased to announce that we have seven great Associate Editors in place, and I thank them deeply: Felix Arndt, University of Guelph, Canada; Marina Dabić, University of Zagreb, Croatia; Giacomo Marzi, IMT Lucca, Italy; Arielle B. Newman, Syracuse University, USA; Wilson Ng, IDRAC Business School, France; Massimiliano Matteo Pellegrini, University of Rome "Tor Vergata", Italy; Simone Pizzi, University of Salento, Italy. 
    They cover most of the areas of expertise needed for our new strategy, and I will keep recruiting more if (hopefully) paper submissions will grow.
    We also have an editorial board, made of 70+ amazing scholars, that covers all areas related to strategic change, from decision-making to behavioural economics, from finance to accounting, from innovation management to entrepreneurship, from organisation theory to economic theory, and much more. The team is also composed of both senior academics and early career researchers, allowing us to rely on both experience and novelty.
    New strategy
    Over the last few years, Strategic Change has been publishing mostly in entrepreneurial finance with extensive reliance on special issues - this will change. While entrepreneurship (and entrepreneurial finance) will remain in our scope, I am pleased to announce that Strategic Change mission, aims and scope, have been updated, to refocus the journal towards the issues of strategic changes as it was originally conceived when it was founded. 

    Mission Statement - Strategic Change was established in 1992 and is an international journal dedicated to the study of the management and organization of strategic change. The journal is designed to support researchers, teachers, students, practitioners, management consultants, managers, policy-makers and entrepreneurs. Strategic Change publishes peer reviewed original papers, empirical, conceptual and review, with a spirit to be concise and providing scholarly contributions that advance theory on pressing issues and have a highly practical relevance.

    Aims and Scope - Strategic Change focuses on the decision-making of change, but generalized in the different disciplines which can speak to this phenomenon. The journal is interdisciplinary bridging management, economics, strategy, organization, entrepreneurship and finance to support better decision-making and business performance. Strategic Change aims at being unique in publishing micro-centric research that enhance the theoretical and practical understanding of the management of strategic change, and inform entrepreneurial and strategic decision-making. The journal is highly accessible, combining academic depth and rigor with practicality, publishing clear, straightforward articles that are distinctly geared toward the solution of grand challenges and real-world issues. The purpose of Strategic Change is to provide a platform for the publication of cutting-edge, original, innovative, and high-quality research at the intersection of strategy, entrepreneurship, and decision-making. Looking at situations where organizations shape the competitive environment or dynamically respond to the competitive challenges, the journal aims to advance the field by fostering a deeper understanding of the complex and dynamic processes involved in shaping strategic decisions and facilitating organizational change.

    New guidelines and processes

    We have developed a new set of guidelines both for the submission of articles (here) and for the submission of special issues (here).
    We also have created a list of keywords in ScholarOne that authors and reviewers are forced to choose. Although the list can't include every aspect of our domain, it will significantly help the matching process between papers and reviewers, in turn supporting speedy decisions. We want to differentiate ourselves by giving authors a fair and fast peer review process.
    Our commitment 
    Our commitment is to ensure our review process is fair, rigorous and inclusive. We must remind ourselves that we are all peers. We expect reviewers to be developmental and respectful of the author's work. We expect authors to be rigorous and respectful of the work done by reviewers and editors. We expect editors to ensure rigour and fairness in the process, supporting reviewers and authors. Our common goal is to publish the best work that is theoretically sound and practically relevant. 

    We hope you can support Strategic Change by submitting your work and by reviewing for the journal.
    Please, create your ScholarOne account hereInvite your network to create an account as a reviewer. Submit your work to support the journal. Speak about the journal with your colleagues, and invite them to submit their work.

    Thank you for your support and looking forward to receiving papers from the AOM community.
    All the best,

    Andrea Caputo
    Associate Professor
    University of Trento & University of Lincoln