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London Text Analysis Conference, 8-9 September 2022

  • 1.  London Text Analysis Conference, 8-9 September 2022

    Posted 06-29-2022 09:43

    We are pleased to announce the inaugural London Text Analysis Conference which will be held at the Institute of Management Studies, Goldsmiths, University of London on 8 – 9 September 2022.

    Digital text analysis methods have recently entered the management and organizational research domain and are rapidly increasing in popularity (Antons, Breidbach, Joshi, & Salge, 2021; Aranda, Sele, Etchanchu, Guyt, & Vaara, 2021; Hannigan et al., 2019; Kobayashi, Mol, Berkers, Kismihók, & Den Hartog, 2017). The conference is aimed for management and organizational researchers interested in computerized approaches to analysing text, including but not limited to topic modeling, natural language processing, sentiment analysis and related methods. This two-day conference will include a professional development workshop (Day 1) and research paper presentations (Day 2).

    Our long-term goal is to develop a thriving community of management and organizational researchers interested in digital text analysis methods.

    Abstract submission

    Researchers interested in presenting at the London Text Analysis Conference are encouraged to prepare an extended abstract (up to 1000 words) that summarizes the purpose, methods, results, and contributions of the study. Both empirical applications of the methods and methodological contributions are welcome.

    Please send extended abstracts to i.zupic@gold.ac.uk.


    Extended abstract deadline: 31 July 2022

    Confirmation of acceptance: 8 August 2022


    Day 1 – Thursday 8 September 2022: Introduction to Digital Text Analysis – Professional Development Workshop

    Day 2 – Friday 9 September 2022: Paper presentations

    Professional Development Workshop

    Researchers interested in developing their digital text analysis skills (e.g. topic modeling, sentiment analysis or similar) are welcome to attend the first day of the conference dedicated to an 'Introduction to Digital Text Analysis', a hands-on professional development workshop.


    Thanks to generous support from SAMS (Society for the Advancement of Management Studies) we can offer a limited number of bursaries for PhD students and early career faculty that will cover accommodation in London for the duration of the conference. These are open both to researchers presenting and those attending PDW. Please indicate in your email if you want to be considered for a bursary.


    Please contact Ivan Zupic (i.zupic@gold.ac.uk) or Nigel Guenole (n.guenole@gold.ac.uk) for registration and all questions regarding the conference.

    Pdf version of this CFP can be downloaded here.

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    Ivan Zupic
    Goldsmiths, University of London