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Latin American Research Academy

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    Posted 03-19-2024 16:40
    Edited by Josh Wei-Jun Hsueh 03-19-2024 16:39

    The Latin American Research Academy aims to contribute to the emergent interest of international journals to publish studies from empirical underrepresented contexts outside of North America, Europe and Australia (e.g. the recent call of Financial Times journals such as Journal of Management Studies and Academy of Management Review to include southern scholar voices). It focuses on methodologically challenging conventional qualitative methods used when studying underserved and marginalized communities in the somewhat called "global south". In these studies scholars need to do both, serve the (often poor and nonwestern) communities under study and comply with editors' and reviewers' expectations. A growing literature reflects on corresponding methodological challenges (e.g. decolonial theory). Nevertheless, those streams of literature are mostly theoretical and normative neglecting the methodological challenges that PhD students interested in exploring Latin American marginalized and underserved communities need to navigate the challenging process of developing, executing and publishing their research projects in these contexts. This program is supported by the VIVA Idea Chairs at EGADE Business School at Tecnológico de Monterrey (Mexico) (https://www.vivaidea.org/egade/) and at INCAE Business School (Costa Rica) (https://www.incae.edu/es/catedra-en-sostenibilidad-viva-idea-incae.html).


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