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Industry and Innovation: Last call for papers - Special Issue on "Innovation and Internationalization in the Digital Era: New Theoretical Perspectives and Empirical Evidence"

  • 1.  Industry and Innovation: Last call for papers - Special Issue on "Innovation and Internationalization in the Digital Era: New Theoretical Perspectives and Empirical Evidence"

    Posted 05-16-2023 20:02

    Dear colleagues

    This is the last call for submissions to the special issue on "Innovation and internationalization in the digital era: new theoretical perspectives and empirical evidence", hosted by Industry and Innovation - the deadline is May 28th.

    We are seeking original research articles that provide new theoretical perspectives and empirical evidence on the interconnection between internationalization and innovation in the digital era. We therefore believe that this Special Issue may be of interest to scholars with research interests at the intersection of international business and economics and management of innovation.

    The emergence of new digital technologies, such as the Internet of Things, big data, cloud, robotics, artificial intelligence, and additive manufacturing has led to a fundamental technological shift that is likely to challenge established empirical evidence and theoretical assumptions about the nexus between internationalization and innovation. This special issue seeks to fill the gap in the literature by providing a better understanding of the relationship between digitalization, innovation, and internationalization.

    We encourage submissions that address the following topics, but not limited to:

    1) New technological trends and their relationship with internationalization activities

    • How is the relationship between innovation and internationalization different for firms that rely on digital technologies?

    • How does digitalization change our understanding of ownership, internalization, and location advantages?

    • What is the role of international engagement in the adoption of digital technologies by firms? And what are their effects in terms of firm competitiveness?

    • What is the role of learning by exporting and/or learning by importing in the context of digital or Industry 4.0 technologies?

    2) Global value chains, digitalization and innovation

    • How does the digitalization process impact on the organization of innovation activities within GVCs?

    • How does the governance of value chains affect the type of innovation introduced by digital firms?

    • What is the relationship between digitalization and the different types of international activities (trade, FDI, licensing) available to firms in global value chains?

    • What is the role played by digitalization in the current trend of regionalization of value chains (or slowing down of globalization)?

    3) Organizational innovation, trademarks and internationalization

    • What is the impact of non-technological innovations, such as organizational innovations, on the international performance of firms?

    • To what extent can organizational factors at the firm level affect the ability of firms to benefit (learn) from their international operations?

    • What is the relationship between new (non-technological) proxies of innovation, such as trademarks, and the presence of firms in the global markets?

    • How can trademarks inform us about the international strategies of digital firms?

    Special issue editors: Claudio Fassio, Chiara Franco, Daniele Moschella

    Submission deadline extended28 May 2023

    Contact details and full call: https://think.taylorandfrancis.com/special_issues/innovation-internationalization-digital-era/  

    Best regards
    Alessandra Perri and Vera Rocha
    Co-Editors-in-Chief, Industry and Innovation

    Vera Rocha
    Copenhagen Business School