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Five Year Review

  • 1.  Five Year Review

    Posted 06-27-2022 09:15

    Dear ENT Members

    Every five years each AOM division is required to undertake a review process aimed at reflecting on its development, future orientation, and strategy, taking into consideration opportunities and challenges encountered during the five-year period. The ENT Division went through a five-year review (2017-2021) this year. From September 2021 through to the submission deadline of February 2nd, 2022, a review committee including Sarah Jack (Chair of the Review Committee), Jon Carr, April Franco, Christiana Guenther, Rachida Justo, Peter Klein, and Don Neubaum, with critical input from Maribel Guerrero, Norris Krueger, Franz Lohrke, Tim Michaelis, Ashley Roccapriore, Andrew Nixon, Raja Roy, Diane Sullivan, and Matthew Wood, worked extremely hard pulling together the material needed for the review. At the ENT Division Mid-Winter-Meeting in January 2022, we worked to ensure the required report was crafted and finalised so that we could submit the report along with the Health and Governance checklist by the early February deadline. Everything was submitted well on time.

    After the submission, AOM reviews the report to determine if the division can be renewed or not for another five years. The AOM also offers feedback and provides a set of recommendations for developments for the next five years.

    I am delighted to report that the AOM has approved the ENT Division's five-year review report (2017-2022). It has also renewed the ENT Division for the next five years (2022-2026). Here are just a few of the strengths underlined by the AOM Review Committee:

    Engaged Community

    Governance, Leadership, and Communication

    Strategic Focus

    I encourage all ENT members to read the ENT five-year report and the comments/recommendations of the AOM review committee. You can find these documents attached to this communication.

    ENT Five-Year Report 2017-2021

    AOM Feedback on ENT's Five-Year Report

    I would like to thank all our members for supporting the ENT Division and for your engagement, especially during these recent difficult and challenging years. I would also like to say a special thank you to all the individuals I have named above but also to everyone who engaged with this work during the online Mid-Winter-Meeting in January 2022. We have achieved this fantastic outcome through all your hard work and support.


    Sarah Jack

    ENT Division Chair



    Professor Sarah L. Jack
    Jacob and Marcus Wallenberg Centre for Innovative and Sustainable Business Development
    House of Innovation
    Stockholm School of Economics
    Box 6501, SE-113 83 Stockholm, Sweden