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Final Call for Berlin: ICSB World Congress - Submit by June 3rd

  • 1.  Final Call for Berlin: ICSB World Congress - Submit by June 3rd

    Posted 05-28-2024 21:44
    Final Call for Papers and Workshops: The 68th ICSB World Congress
    Deadline to Submit: June 3, 2024
    Join us in Berlin for the 68th ICSB World Congress, themed "Empowering Entrepreneurship for a Better Future." This event will explore how entrepreneurship can drive sustainable development and address global challenges like climate change and poverty.
    We invite you to submit your research papers and workshop proposals by the final deadline of June 3, 2024.
    Upcoming Innovative Workshop Presented: 
    Workshop #1: Re-thinking Risk Management
    Authors: Thomas Henschel and Ilka Heinze.

    Welcome to a world of change and opportunity! Today's businesses face increasingly complex challenges, impacting not only established giants but also entrepreneurs and growth-oriented small enterprises.

    We will employ innovative approaches such as Storytelling and Lego Serious Play™ to give participants a playful yet profound understanding of risk and practical risk management tools. The learned concepts will be immediately applied by creating risk models and developing corresponding risk profiles.
    Workshop #2: AACSB Accreditation and Interdisciplinary Collaboration in Contemporary Entrepreneurship Education 
    Authors:  Eric Liguori, II Luscri, and Michael Dominik

    This workshop, structured in three parts, focuses on the nexus of entrepreneurship, accreditation, and interdisciplinary collaboration. Part I presents an overview of the AACSB Entrepreneurship and Innovation Affinity Group and contemporary trends in entrepreneurship education. In Part II we explore how three very entrepreneurial universities (FSU, WashU, and Rowan University) leverage interdisciplinary collaboration to stimulate entrepreneurial activity. And in Part III, we open the floor for an interactive question-and-answer session. Attendees are sure to walk away with insights supporting both stimulating entrepreneurial activity on their campuses and how to position themselves for accreditation success.
    Workshop #3: Marshmallows and Blue Oceans - How to Utilize Challenges in Entrepreneurial Learning
    Authors:  Ewald Mittelstaedt and Claudia Wiepcke

    The workshop aims to integrate challenges into entrepreneurial learning, emphasizing the need for innovative approaches in education to address the complex global issues outlined in Agenda 2030. Entrepreneurial education is defined as imparting knowledge and skills necessary for successful business ventures and fostering entrepreneurial attitudes in students. The Blue Ocean Strategy is introduced as a method for disruptive innovation, distinguishing between red oceans, characterized by intense competition, and blue oceans, representing untapped market spaces. The strategy encourages entrepreneurs to focus on customer benefits and innovate beyond industry structures. Moreover, ambiguity tolerance is highlighted as a crucial competence for entrepreneurs, enabling them to navigate uncertain situations effectively. 

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