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Entrepreneurship and Innovation Policy Research virtual seminar

  • 1.  Entrepreneurship and Innovation Policy Research virtual seminar

    Posted 02-13-2024 20:12

    Dear Colleagues,

    The next Entrepreneurship and Innovation Policy Research virtual seminar is Thursday, February 15, from 11:00-12:00 ET. Pontus Braunerhjelm (Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum) - will present his book, titled "Unleashing Society's Innovative Capacity. An Integrated Policy Framework" Click HERE to register for the 2/15 seminar (abstract is below). We hope you join us.
    Please visit this LINK to view and register for other Spring 2024 seminars. 

    • Tim Folta (UCONN), Maryann Feldman (ASU), and Supradeep Dutta (Rutgers U)

    Abstract:  This book examines policy measures that foster the creation of innovations with high inherent potential and that simultaneously provide the right incentives for individuals to create and expand firms that disseminate such innovations in the form of highly valued products. In so doing, we suggest an innovation policy framework based on two pillars: (1) the accumulation, investment, and upgrading of knowledge, and (2) the implementation of mechanisms that enable knowledge to be exploited so that growth and societal prosperity are encouraged. Knowledge is a necessary but far from sufficient condition for growth. To secure industrial dynamics and growth in the long term, institutions must be designed both to encourage sophisticated knowledge investments and to stimulate the creation, diffusion, and productive use of knowledge in all sectors of the economy. We argue that the latter area has been overlooked in policy discussions and that a coherent innovation policy framework must include tax policy, labor market regulations, channeling of savings, competition policy, housing market regulation, and infrastructure to foster growth and future prosperity.