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Effectuation Conference 2024

  • 1.  Effectuation Conference 2024

    Posted 21 days ago

    The 9th Effectuation Conference theme is "Effectuation: Bridging Research and Practice". Effectuation has inspired a generation of researchers and practitioners to see entrepreneurship through a different lens. By focusing on means at hand, letting go of preconceived plans, building through collaboration, and embracing uncertainty, aspiring entrepreneurs have earned a toolbox that catalyzed the design of more creative and durable businesses.

    Each year, our community expands through the valuable exchanges that occur at our conference. These include the design of new research projects, the development of educational tools, and critical debates on the far-reaching impact of effectual thinking. This year, we will dedicate the 9th Effectuation Conference to "Bridging Research and Practice". We invite researchers, authors, educators, policy makers and other persons of interest to submit their work. Come to the conference to engage in a discussion about how effectuation can be practiced in the real world!

    During our two days together, we will explore:

    • ●  How can effectuation be practiced by entrepreneurs and managers?

    • ●  What other disciplines can benefit from effectuation theory? And how?

    ●  What is the value of effectuation when uncertainty is low(er)?

    Co-branded with ECSB and scheduled in tandem with the RENT Conference, the 2024 Effectuation Conference will take place in Nantes, France and is hosted by Audencia Business School. We provide a description of each of the elements of this conference, followed by a daily agenda, with updates available on the conference website:https://effectuation.org/effectuation-conference-2024.

    In the tradition of Effectuation Conferences in past years, the format will offer plenary sessions as well as small group research and practice "pods" where your submissions can be developed into full-fledged research articles, teaching materials, and cases. We will also enjoy the "effectual dinner" – certainly the highlight of the social activities accompanying the conference. and debrief as usual.

    Read more in 2024 Effectuation Conference.

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    2024 Effectuation Conference
    2024 Effectuation Conference will be held in Nantes France
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    Questions? Email us at conference@effectuation.org

    The Organizing Committee

    Tiago Ratinho, IESEG School of Management, France
    Katrin Smolka, Warwick Business School, UK
    Saras Sarasvathy, UVA Darden School of Business, USA
    Jim Zuffoletti, UVA Darden School of Business, USA
    Nil Gulari, Audencia Business School, France
    Thibault Hache, Audencia Business School, France
    Vincent Lefebvre, Audencia Business School, France
    Kathleen Randerson, Audencia Business School, France
    Natalia Vershinina, Audencia Business School, France

    Tiago Ratinho
    IÉSEG School of Management
    Paris La Défense Cedex