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Digitization and internationalization: Insights from qualitative research - online research webinar

  • 1.  Digitization and internationalization: Insights from qualitative research - online research webinar

    Posted 05-19-2022 18:14

    AOM IM Division Online Research Webinar

    Digitization and Internationalization: Insights from Qualitative Research

    11:00 am -12:15 pm EDT, Tuesday June 7


    • Felipe Massa, Loyola University New Orleans
    • Katherine Tatarinov, University of Geneva
    • Esther Tippmann, National University of Ireland Galway
    • Audra Wormald, University of Maryland


    • Becky Reuber, University of Toronto

    As our world has become digitized, international business scholars have become interested in understanding the impact of digitation on international management.  Extant research in this area is mainly characterized by large-scale quantitative studies aiming to understand the drivers of firm performance in the presence of digital phenomena.  In comparison, much less qualitative international business research in this area has been published.  This is unfortunate since qualitative research, as a sensemaking activity, is well-suited to providing conceptualizations and interpretations of new empirical phenomena.

    The purpose of this webinar is to showcase extant qualitative research that has been done on digitization and international management and to encourage more qualitative international business research in this area.  The research of the panelists covers a wide range of topics, including: multinationalization of digital firms (Tippmann); digital transformation of large established international organizations, such as the U.N. (Tatarinov); digital international start-ups working on global actions, such as the collective Anonymous (Massa); and the emergence of the global mobile money industry (Wormald).

    The panelists will share insights about their research findings and will discuss the opportunities and challenges of qualitative data collection and analysis when studying digital phenomena.  We look forward to interaction with attendees during the webinar.

    Please use the link below to register in advance:

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    We look forward to seeing you online soon!

    Warm regards,

    Becky Reuber

    A Rebecca Reuber
    Univ Of Toronto-J.L. Rotman
    Toronto ON