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Diana International Research Conference

  • 1.  Diana International Research Conference

    Posted 01-11-2023 23:21



    June 3-6, 2023

    Wellesley, Mass, USA

    Women's Entrepreneurship:  Exploring Diversity of Experiences and Impact

    The Diana Project was established in 1999 by Professors Brush, Carter, Gatewood, Greene and Hart – in partnership with ESBRI in Stockholm – to provide a platform for research and scholarship focusing on women entrepreneurs and their growth. The Diana Project™ has since expanded its reach across continents, cultures and contexts, developing an international research community that shares its knowledge and experience through dedicated books, journal articles and conferences. Each year, the Diana International Research Conference brings together more than 100 scholars worldwide, providing a forum to share global research dedicated to gender and women's entrepreneurship.

    We are pleased to announce that the 2023 Diana International Research Conference will take place in Wellesley, MA, USA  in June, 2023, and the theme is "Diversity and Women's Entrepreneurship". Recent scholarship has acknowledged that there is significant heterogeneity and diversity in women's entrepreneurship.   Building on this new reality, the 2023 Conference seeks conceptual and empirical papers that consider the diversity of women's entrepreneurship with regards to context, processes and individuals. More specifically, research examining women's entrepreneurship across:

    • Diversity of context: global, multi-cultural, geographical, industrial, sectoral, cultural and institutional settings (Henry, Coleman, Foss, Orser & Brush, 2021; Hughes & Jennings, 2012)
    • Diversity of businesses: size, technology, innovation, form, growth outcomes and impact, (Hughes, Jennings, Brush, Carter & Welter, 2012; Welter, Baker, Audretsch, & Gartner, 2016)
    • Diversity of processes: approach, organizing, business development, and financing (Hughes, Jennings, Brush, Carter & Welter, 2012; Welter, Baker, Audretsch, & Gartner, 2016; Bird & Brush, 2002)
    • Diversity of individuals: recognizing experiences, identity, motives and goals, as well as intersections across race, class, gender, ethnicity and socioeconomics (Marlow & Martinez Dy, 2018; Pines, Lerner & Schwartz, 2010) 

    We encourage papers that explore new research ideas, adopt novel methodological approaches and contribute to theory development to help advance the field and pave the way for an exciting future research agenda for the Diana community.

    Hosted by Babson College, the 2023 Diana Conference will provide scholars with an exciting new conference experience. Delegates will have opportunities to participate in a range of innovative sessions comprising plenaries, facilitated critical synopsis, roundtable and themed panel discussions. There will also be opportunities for scholars to debate early-stage - novel but potentially ground-breaking research ideas - with the international Diana community.

    Abstract Submission and Review Process

    The conference submission portal is now open. The deadline for submitting your abstract is January, 31, 2023. You may learn more and submit your abstract here: bit.ly/dirc2023

    Authors should expect to receive notification of acceptance by March 24, 2023. Full papers are due by May 2, 2023 and these will be considered for "Best Paper Awards".  Authors are limited to authoring/co-authoring no more than two submissions.

    For questions about the conference, please contact us at dirc@babson.edu

    Conference Chairs:

    • Candida Brush, Babson College
    • Amanda Elam, Babson College
    • Karen Hughes, University of Alberta and Babson College
    • Anita Shankar, Johns Hopkins University
    • William Gartner, Babson College

    Conference Sponsors:

    Babson College

    ESBRI - Entrepreneurship and Small Business Research Institute

    International Journal of Gender and Entrepreneurship


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    Candida Brush
    Babson College
    Wellesley MA
    (781) 239-5014