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[Deadline Approaching] PDW at AOM 2024 "Human AI Collaboration: Fad, Fringe, and Innovating for the Future"

  • 1.  [Deadline Approaching] PDW at AOM 2024 "Human AI Collaboration: Fad, Fringe, and Innovating for the Future"

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    A friendly reminder that there are 2 days left to apply for the PDW on human-AI collaboration!


    Event Details

    -       Date/Time: Sunday August 11, 2024,  8:00AM - 11:00AM

    -       Location: Sheraton in Sheraton Ballroom V

    -       Format: Panel presentations and live demos are open to all attendees; Paper exchange workshop and human-AI roundtable discussions require pre-registration

    -       Presenter/Demonstrator: Léonard Boussioux (UW), Nan Jia (USC), Hyunjin Kim (INSEAD), DK Lee (BU), Natalia Levina (NYU), Maytal Saar-Tsechansky (UT Austin), Brian Uzzi (Northwestern)


    How to "Pre-Register"

    We will host two roundtable options for our PDW attendees: 1) Paper Exchange Roundtable: Participants are expected to share their 3-5 extended abstract and gain insights from panelists and peers. Accepted participants will be notified of their assignment of table end of July; 2) Human-AI Collaboration Roundtable: Participants with no paper submissions would engage in stimulating conversations and exchange ideas on subjects connected to Human-AI collaboration (no panelists). Ph.D. students, postdoctoral fellows, and junior faculty are encouraged to apply. 


    -       Registration link: https://forms.gle/xEGCMCUNVkUuCkiF9

    -       Deadline: Friday July 12, 2024

    -       What to submit: Your name, email, institution & AOM interest group affiliations, research interests, [for paper exchange table only] a short abstract, 3-5 page extended abstract (excluding references, figures, and tables).

    Workshop Structure

    Part 1: Panel Presentations, Live Demonstrations, and Q&A - Open to All

    Human-AI Collaboration and Decision Making: Will AI Replace Human Authorities? (55 mins)

    Hyunjin Kim (INSEAD)

    Natalia Levina (NYU)

    Maytal Saar-Tsechansky (UT Austin)


    Human-AI Collaboration and Creativity: The Death of Human Innovators? (65 mins)

    Léonard Boussioux (University of Washington)

    DK Lee (Boston University)

    Nan Jia (USC)

    Brian Uzzi (Northwestern)


    Part 2: Roundtable Discussions - Pre-registration Required

    Parallel paper exchange and human-AI collaboration roundtable sessions (1 hour)


    For questions, contact the organizers: 

    Fabrizio Dell'Acqua (fdellacqua@hbs.edu); Jackie Lane (jnlane@hbs.edu); Hatim Rahman (hatim.rahman@kellogg.northwestern.edu); Miaomiao Zhang (mzhang@hbs.edu)


    We look forward to seeing you in Chicago!



    Fabrizio, Jackie, Hatim, and Miaomiao

    Miaomiao Zhang
    Harvard Business School
    Cambridge MA