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CFP SI - Mental Health, Well-being, and Entrepreneurship (Jan 2024, next year)

  • 1.  CFP SI - Mental Health, Well-being, and Entrepreneurship (Jan 2024, next year)

    Posted 01-18-2023 12:53

    Call for Papers for a Special Issue "Mental Health, Well-being, and Entrepreneurship"
    Submission deadline: January 2024,
    Guest editors Daniel Lerner, Ana Pérez-Luño, Ute Stephan, Johan Wiklund.
    Jorunal: BRQ Business Research Quarterly  

    For understandable reasons, hitherto most published work on entrepreneurship and wellbeing has prioritized interesting research questions and the development of theory that can help us understand the unique well-being challenges in entrepreneurship. Less emphasis has been placed on methodological rigor and interesting empirical findings. We believe the time is ripe for recalibrating this trajectory by showcasing and discussing intriguing empirical findings derived with robust methods. That is the focus of this special issue. We seek high quality empirically rigorous papers. We also welcome conceptual papers that discuss how methodological rigor could be enhanced. Papers should be based on and discuss relevant extant research; yet rather than extensive theory and hypotheses, authors should focus conducting and communicating well-executed rigorous studies.  We also welcome papers that use abduction to explain novel patterns uncovered through rigorous analysis of quantitative data that a-priory hypotheses would not have predict.

    Given the rapidly growing number of studies on mental health, well-being and entrepreneurship, authors are encouraged to consult: 1) recent editorials on the topic (e.g. Williamson et al., 2021; Gish et al, 2022); 2) recent review and research-agenda papers (e.g. Stephan 2018; Wiklund et al., 2019); 3) metaanalyses (e.g., Lerman, Munyon & Wiliams, 2021; Stephan, Rauch, & Hatak, 2022); and 4) recent and forthcoming studies in entrepreneurship journals, other journals, and research conference proceedings.

    The full call for papers and sample topics can be found here: https://journals.sagepub.com/page/brq/special-issues/mental-health-well-being-entrepreneurship

    Ute Stephan
    Professor, King's College London