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Call for Participants: AOM PDW on Building Cross-Connections Between Innovation and Non-market Strategy

  • 1.  Call for Participants: AOM PDW on Building Cross-Connections Between Innovation and Non-market Strategy

    Posted 16 days ago

    Crossing Over: Building Cross-Connections Between Innovation and Non-market Strategy

    Friday, Aug 9 2024 11:15AM - 1:15PM CT (GMT-5/UTC-5)
    at Sheraton in Michigan B

    Distinguished Panelists:

    Brian Silverman (University of Toronto)

    Nan Jia  (University of Southern California)

    Aija Leiponen (Cornell University)

    Shon R. Hiatt  (University of Southern California)


    Nur Ahmed (University of Arkansas)

    Niki West (University of Texas at Dallas)

    We cordially invite you to attend the upcoming AOM PDW on "Crossing Over: Building Cross-Connections Between Innovation and Non-market Strategy" at the Academy of Management Annual Meeting 2024 in Chicago. Participation is open for presentations and panel discussions, but pre-registration is required for feedback on research proposals from panelists.

    OverviewWhile it has long been recognized that the political environment may help or hinder firms' innovation activities, and that innovation may, in turn, have social impacts that shape the political environment, this topic is receiving renewed and growing interest in light of emerging technologies like AI and global political turbulence. This PDW seeks to build cross-connections between innovation and technology entrepreneurship scholars and non-market strategy scholars with an interest in the interdependence between innovation and non-market strategy. It will introduce scholars to both the fundamental (i.e. national policy, litigation, and regulation) and newly emerging (i.e. political polarization, populism, and employee activism) ways in which the political environment is affecting innovation and technology entrepreneurship, and consider the non-market strategies firms use to mitigate policy uncertainty and the unintended consequences of innovation.  

    This two hour PDW will follow a two-part format. In Part I, four leading scholars will share various perspectives on research opportunities at the intersection of innovation and nonmarket strategy. Part II will feature semi-structured, themed roundtable discussions between our distinguished panelists and participants who have submitted a short research proposal abstract. These roundtables will be organized around the shared interests of the submitting participants and panelists. Participants will receive valuable feedback and advice on their research from both the panelists and fellow participants.

    Prospective participants should apply to the PDW by submitting an abstract of a research idea or paper (no more than 300 words) to be explored with the panelists and other participants.

    To participate in the round table discussion, please fill in this form by July 10, 2024: [https://tinyurl.com/PDWNMI24 ]. Acceptance notifications will be sent by July 25. If you have any questions, please contact Niki West (Nicole.West@UTDallas.edu) or Nur Ahmed (nura@uark.edu).


    Nur & Niki