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Call For Papers | EURAM 2024 | Bath (UK) | Track 03_18 "The Evolution of Entrepreneurial Education in Entrepreneurial Ecosystems"

  • 1.  Call For Papers | EURAM 2024 | Bath (UK) | Track 03_18 "The Evolution of Entrepreneurial Education in Entrepreneurial Ecosystems"

    Posted 11-21-2023 15:00
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    Dear colleagues,
    We are pleased to disclose the track titled "The Evolution of Entrepreneurial Education in Entrepreneurial Ecosystems" for which we are the proponents at the 24th European Academy of Management (EURAM) Conference 2024, to be held in Bath (UK).
    In view of the evolution of our economy and society, which requires a continual re-evaluation of how we promote and cultivate entrepreneurial growth, the purpose of the track is to advance the knowledge of the contexts and processes that catalyze the birth and development of high-growth entrepreneurs, under the lens of the entrepreneurial ecosystem framework. In particular, we aspire to bridge the knowledge gaps regarding how the next generations of entrepreneurs are trained, educated, and influenced, in line with the need to prepare entrepreneurial ecosystems for the pressing and forthcoming challenges of our world.
    Accordingly, we welcome a broad range of theoretical and empirical works that advance the discussion in the entrepreneurial ecosystem literature, with particular focus on:
    • The contexts in which entrepreneurship is experimented and learned;
    • The processes that influence the emergence and evolution of the next generation of entrepreneurs;
    • The role(s) played in this regard by the actors responsible for talent development and culture in entrepreneurial ecosystems, such as universities, innovation hubs, and co-working spaces (and more);
    • The activities within these contexts that shape the values, attitudes, and knowledge of entrepreneurs;
    • The interactions between an entrepreneurial ecosystem's actors, factors, and artifacts that promote the emergence of high-growth entrepreneurs.
    We are confident that your insights and research can contribute significantly to enriching the debate, and we would be honored if you would consider submitting a paper and participating in our session.
    You can find the CFP attached to this post, or at the following link: SIG 03: Entrepreneurship (ENT) - EURAM 2024 Annual Conference
    The deadline for Full Paper submission is 11 January 2024.
    Looking forward to receive your contributions, we remain at your disposal for any further information you may require.
    With best regards,
    Michele Modina, Gabriele Ianiro, Anna Vittoria Formisano, Marilena Bredice - University of Molise
    Francesco Crisci, Maria Rosita Cagnina - University of Udine
    Filomena Izzo - University of Campania "Luigi Vanvitelli"
    Paola Scorrano – University of del Salento
    Mitja Ruzzier – University of Primorska

    Gabriele Ianiro
    University of Molise