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🌟 Call for Chapters: "Stakeholder Capitalism in a Woke World" 🌟

  • 1.  🌟 Call for Chapters: "Stakeholder Capitalism in a Woke World" 🌟

    Posted 02-28-2024 15:21
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    Dear Esteemed Colleagues,

    Embark on an intellectual journey to extend and contribute to our groundbreaking multivolume handbook, "A Handbook of Stakeholder Capitalism in a Woke World."

    About the Handbook:

    Stakeholder capitalism represents a shift from a narrow focus on shareholder value maximization to a more inclusive and sustainable business model that seeks to benefit a diverse range of stakeholders. The "woke movement" encompasses a range of justice issues that emphasizes a commitment to addressing inequalities, discrimination, and oppression. Embrace or critique them, both stakeholder capitalism and the woke movement shape a world where inclusivity, sustainability, and social justice influence commercial activity.

    Why Write a Chapter?

    This is no compilation of ordinary chapters; it's an opportunity to greatly influence the conversation by engaging in edgy, riveting, and yes even controversial dialogues seldom found in traditional journals. To create a definitive and inclusive guide that will benefit scholars, academics, researchers, Ph.D. students, practitioners, and policymakers, we invite chapters in which authors openly but methodologically and scientifically express their scholarly perspectives on these contested topics.

    Chapter Topics of Interest:

    Explore the psychology of "wokeness," dissect socially conscious corporations, scrutinize diversity and inclusion, challenge stakeholder capitalism or the woke movement, unravel the impact on sustainability and climate initiatives, and much more! This is your chance to contribute to a holistic understanding of complex subjects and gain unparalleled visibility in the academic community.

    Advantages of Publishing in a Multi-Volume Set:

      Comprehensive Coverage: Delve deeply into intricate topics for a holistic perspective.

      Interdisciplinary Insights: Foster cross-disciplinary dialogue for a nuanced understanding.

      Visibility and Impact: Garner recognition, contributing significantly to your academic profile.

      Timeliness: Accommodate emerging research on evolving topics, such as wokeness in business.

     A Faster Publication: We hope to publish the handbook in less than two years.

    Submission Guidelines (see full Call for Chapters here):

        Chapter Proposals: 300-500 words with a brief author biography.

        Full Chapters: Approximately 10,000 words, inclusive of references and appendices.

        Original Contributions: Unpublished works only.

    Important Dates:

          Chapter Proposals Due: Rolling basis until capacity is reached, with the first review starting on March 27, 2024.

          Notification of Acceptance: 45 days after submission.

    How to Submit:

    Send your full chapters, chapter proposals, or inquiries to Maritza Espina at espinamaritza@sau.edu.

    The Publisher-World Scientific Publishing (WSP) is known for several unique characteristics that set it apart in the world of academic publishing:

    Interdisciplinary Focus: WSP covers a broad spectrum of disciplines, fostering an interdisciplinary approach, with publications spanning fields such as science, technology, medicine, business, and the humanities, thus providing a holistic view of scholarly research.

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    These characteristics collectively contribute to World Scientific Publishing's standing as a dynamic and influential force in the world of academic publishing.

    Maritza Espina, PhD
    Executive Director - Sustainability, Ethics, & Entrepreneurship (SEE) Society
    Professor of Management, St. Ambrose University