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Call for Application: Entrepreneurship PhD Program at Syracuse University for Fall 2024

  • 1.  Call for Application: Entrepreneurship PhD Program at Syracuse University for Fall 2024

    Posted 12-04-2023 09:43
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    The Department of Entrepreneurship and Emerging Enterprises (EEE) at Syracuse University's Whitman School of Management will be accepting applications for the Fall 2024 Ph.D. cohort.

    The Department is home to one of the world's leading groups of scholars focused on advancing entrepreneurship research. EEE is one of only a handful of academic departments exclusively devoted to entrepreneurship, and one of the few to offer a doctoral degree in entrepreneurship. EEE educational programs and research productivity are consistently ranked among the best in the United States, including recently being ranked #2 globally in the TCU Entrepreneurship Research Productivity rankings. EEE also houses the Institute for an Entrepreneurial Society (IES) which focuses on entrepreneurial solutions to grand challenges, and the Sustainable Enterprise Partnership (SEP), which focuses on economic, social, and environmental sustainability in value creation. EEE faculty members hold the Editor-in-Chief position at ETP, and various associate editor and editorial board positions at premier journals in the fields of entrepreneurship and management. All these features place the Department in a competitive position, as more and more business schools expand their programs and the demand for entrepreneurship scholars remains high.

    The aim of our doctoral program is to provide Ph.D. students with deep knowledge of the field, and the research and technical skills necessary to design and execute rigorous studies to be published in leading journals.  Members of the Department include Cristiano Bellavitis, Suho Han, Mike Haynie, David Lucas, Alex McKelvie, Maria Minniti, Arielle Newman, David Park, Minet Schindehutte, and Johan Wiklund. The Department also offers a dedicated seminar series and an active schedule of visitors. Admitted applicants will have the opportunity to study and interact with a significant group of world-leading scholars.

    During their time as doctoral candidates, EEE students can expect:

    • Waiver of all tuition fees during the program
    • A competitive annual stipend to cover living expenses
    • Funding to support summer research activities
    • The opportunity to do research together with internationally renowned scholars
    • Competent and dedicated guidance from those scholars
    • Experience as a university teacher in our nationally-ranked entrepreneurship undergraduate program

    A doctoral degree in entrepreneurship from Syracuse University offers a whole host of opportunities for the future. We expect admitted candidates to complete their study within four or five years, and to pursue careers at top Ph.D. granting academic institutions in the U.S. and abroad. Our recent placements include tenure track positions at the University of Alabama, Tilburg University (the Netherlands), emLyon (France), the University of Louisville, the University of Missouri-Columbia, and the National University of Singapore. Some of our graduates currently hold tenured or tenure-track posts at universities such as the University of Tennessee and McGill University (Canada).

    Application deadline is January 15th, 2024, for admission in the Fall semester. All relevant information, including the application package can be found online at https://whitman.syracuse.edu/graduate/phd-programs/admissions. For any further information, please contact Dr. Maria Minniti at mminniti@syr.edu.

    David Park
    Assistant Professor
    Whitman School of Management
    Syracuse University
    Syracuse NY


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