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AoM Presenter Symposium "Societal Crises as External Enablers of Venture Development"

  • 1.  AoM Presenter Symposium "Societal Crises as External Enablers of Venture Development"

    Posted 08-02-2023 23:26

    Dear Community,


    We have gathered a set of interesting, interrelated presentations as well as a super-strong team of discussant for Session 945, Presenter Symposium "Societal Crises as External Enablers of Venture Development".


    In addition to the information in the program, below please find the planned format for the event. Heartily welcome!




    Where: Hynes Conference Center, 302

    When: Monday Aug. 7, 10-11.30


    Minutes 0-10: Welcome and introduction to the Symposium


    • Presenter: William B. Gartner, Organizer – Welcome, housekeeping, rationale
    • Presenter: Per Davidsson – Introduction and background to External Enablement


    Minutes 10-60 Paper presentations (12 minutes each)


    • Theorizing Potentials from Macroenvironmental Change: When Societal Crisis Enable Hypergrowth. Presented by Per Davidsson


    • A Cloud's Silver Lining? The Impact of COVID-19 Policy Interventions on New and Maturing Technology Ventures. Presented by David Lucas and Cristiano Bellavitis


    • External Enablers and the Shaping of Established Ventures: Emergence, Novelty, and Persistence of New Initiatives. Presented by Lucia Naldi


    • Expanding Enabler-Agent Interplay: A Missed External Enablement Perspective. Presented by Matthew S. Wood


    Minutes 60-90: Discussion and Q&A


    • Discussants David Audretsch, Moren Levesque, Saras Sarasvathy and Mark Suchman sum up their main observations and critiques (up to 5 min each)


    • Q&A for authors and panel members to answer


    Best Regards,


    Per Davidsson

    Professor, Entrepreneurship


    Jönköping International Business School 


    MAIL per.davidsson@ju.se WEB www.ju.se

    Professor Talbot Family Foundation Chair in Entrepreneurship, Australian Centre for

    Entrepreneurship Research (ACE) | QUT |  Email: per.davidsson@qut.edu.au |CRICOS No. 00213J