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AOM PDW Craft & Organizations - Call for Engagement

  • 1.  AOM PDW Craft & Organizations - Call for Engagement

    Posted 05-24-2023 11:33

    Apologies for Cross-posting

    AOM PDW Craft & Organizations

    The ultimate goal for this PDW is to introduce the audience to the topic of craft and organizations in a way that emphasizes both its theoretical and practical significance and provide participants with an opportunity to discuss pre-submitted extended abstracts with editorial board members of diverse management journals.

    This PDW will be divided into halves. In the first half, open to everyone, guest speakers will introduce the topic of craft and organizations. In the second half, participants who submit abstracts will be grouped at tables with editorial board members of diverse management journals that have affinity with craft-related research. Each participant will have an opportunity to introduce their abstract with the rest of the table and receive developmental feedback from an editorial board member.

    We want to create a friendly and developmental environment for everyone interested on this line of research. We invite interested participants that are currently engaged or interested in engaging in craft and organizations research to submit extended abstracts (Max 900 words) for research on craft and organizations, both broadly defined.

    Please use the following link to submit your abstract by July 14th. 


    Jose A. Cerecedo Lopez, UT San Antonio
    Jochem Kroezen, Erasmus University
    Innan Sasaki, University of Warwick 
    Michael G. Pratt, Boston College 
    Editorital Board Members:
    Tobias Pret, Illinois State University
    Silviya Svejenova Velikova, Copenhagen Business School
    Jo-Ellen Pozner, Santa Clara University

    Jose A. Cerecedo Lopez
    The University of Texas at San Antonio