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AOM PDW: Brain Imaging for Organizational Research: Hands-on Training for fMRI Studies

  • 1.  AOM PDW: Brain Imaging for Organizational Research: Hands-on Training for fMRI Studies

    Posted 05-27-2023 22:13

    Brain Imaging for Organizational Research: Hands-on Training for fMRI Studies

    So you want to learn how to design studies using brain imaging (functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging - fMRI) but do not know where to start? Do you want to learn how to generate and interpret beautiful images of the human brain in action? Do you want to enhance your methodological toolset by including this exciting technology?

    This technology has been very successfully used to interpret a wide variety of phenomena ranging from psychopathology and mental health to emotions, decisions, economics, social exchanges, culture, and even political science.

    Join this (probably first-ever) PDW, where experienced cognitive neuroscientists (but with a strong interest in organizational research), will ensure you start off on a good footing. The PDW will cover both theory and practical steps with realistic data (yes you will generate some brain images with associated responses.) 

    For whom this course is: This is for Management / Organizational Behaviour researchers, professors, or students who consider using fMRI in their research, but are unsure where to start. We are quite open to any level, but it is important that you have an honest intention to engage with this method. Understanding basic experimental principles would be useful. 

    For whom the course is NOT: If you have experience with fMRI, this is probably somehow basic for you. We will not cover advanced methods and issues, as this will distract the students.

    The short outline can be found below:

    Part 1: What is fMRI and how can it be used for managerial research?

    Part 2: How to design an fMRI experiment?

    Part 3: Reporting and interpreting fMRI data. 

    Part 4: Hands-on analysis of fMRI data.

    Part 5: Discussion (in groups).

    If interested, please fill in this form:


    When and where: Saturday, Aug 5 2023 8:00AM - 11:00AM ET (UTC-4) at Boston Park Plaza in Hancock Room.

    If you have questions, please direct them to the organizer Associate Professor Georgios Christopoulos at cgeorgios@ntu.edu.sg . Please put "AOM FMRI 2023" on the subject line for quicker replies.


    Instructors are very experienced fMRI users that collectively have published numerous fMRI experiments in prestigious Journals (Journal of Neuroscience, Nature Neuroscience, Neuroimage etc.). In addition, instructors are based in business schools and thus can also discuss the organizational aspects.
    Georgios Christopoulos (Ph.D. University of Cambridge), Associate Professor, NBS, NTU, Singapore;  Rongjun Yu, (Ph.D. University of Cambridge) Associate Professor, HKBU, Hong-Kong, PRC; Glenn R. Fox. (Ph.D. USC) Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship, Lloyd Greif Center for Entrepreneurial Studies,  USC Marshall School of Business; USA Shengchuang Feng (Ph.D. Virginia Tech) Research Fellow, Centre for Lifelong Learning and Individualised Cognition, NTU and University of Cambridge, UK.

    Organised by the NEU AOM Interest Group (join the group for more exciting learning and networking opportunities!)

    George Christopoulos (Ph.D. Cambridge)
    Asst. Dean (Research) & Associate Professor
    Nanyang Business School, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
    Lab website: https://deonlabblog.com/