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AOM Boston 2023 PDW: Past, Present, and Future of a Behavioral Theory of the Firm

  • 1.  AOM Boston 2023 PDW: Past, Present, and Future of a Behavioral Theory of the Firm

    Posted 06-06-2023 09:45

    Register, join, and discuss your BToF research
    PDW "Past, Present, and Future of A Behavioral Theory of the Firm"
    Boston AOM Conference 2023
    Saturday, Aug 5 2023, 2:30PM - 5:30PM ET
    at the Boston Park Plaza in Grand Ballroom A

    Keynote Speakers:
    - Linda Argote, Carnegie Mellon
    - Pino Audia, Dartmouth College
    - Phil Bromiley, UC Irvine
    - Jerker Denrell, Warwick
    - Anne Miner, Wisconsin

    - Pino Audia, Dartmouth College
    - Felipe Csaszar, U. of Michigan
    - Daniella Laureiro-Martinez, ETH Zurich
    - Hart Posen, U. of Wisconsin, Madison

    Roundtable Facilitators:
    - Callen Anthony, NYU
    - Oliver Baumann, Southern Denmark
    - Stephan Billinger, Southern Denmark
    - Daniela Blettner, Simon Fraser
    - Julien Clement, Stanford
    - Christina Fang, NYU
    - Vibha Gaba, INSEAD
    - Dorthe Døjbak Håkonsson, Aarhus
    - Songcui Hu, Arizona
    - John Joseph, UC Irvine
    - Chengwei Liu, ESMT
    - Daniel Newark, HEC
    - Horacio Rousseau, Florida State
    - Metin Sengul, Boston College
    - Zur Shapira, NYU
    - Maciej Workiewicz, ESSEC

    The Behavioral Theory of the Firm (BTOF) has had a foundational impact on the development of much work in both organization theory and strategy.  We seek to build an annual PDW that will be the touchstone of theoretical development based on the BTOF.  The PDW will link past research with future opportunities, both narrowly within the BTOF, and more broadly, reaching out to research domains in which the BTOF is a substantive building block.  Our goal is to provide a discussion forum where scholars can develop a shared understanding of past BTOF research and insights into how they may develop future research to advance theory and applications.  AOM Boston 2023 will represent the third edition of this PDW, this time featuring as its core theme the 60th Anniversary of Cyert & March's seminal book.

    The PDW will follow a two-part format:

    Part 1: The keynote speakers (Linda Argote, Pino Audia, Phil Bromiley, Jerker Denrell, and Anne Miner) each will focus on a different chapter from Cyert & March (1963) and share their insights on how key ideas from that chapter have been updated since its publication.

    Part 2: Several roundtables will focus on different domains of research.  Prospective participants will apply to the PDW by submitting a 3-5 page summary of a new research idea or current research project they are working on and want to discuss with the table coordinators and other participants.  The discussion of each roundtable will be guided by two experienced scholars who work in the BTOF tradition.

    Participation in Part 1 of the PDW does not require registration.  To participate in the roundtable discussion, please fill out the short registration form on this link by July 14, 2023.  This will help us assign participants to roundtables based on your research interests.  We will confirm the registration to this PDW by late July.  If you have any questions, please contact btof.pdw@gmail.com.

    Felipe Csaszar
    University of Michigan