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AMR STF on Artificial Intelligence in Management

  • 1.  AMR STF on Artificial Intelligence in Management

    Posted 12-06-2023 20:12

    Dear ENT colleagues,


    We welcome your submissions to a Special Topic Forum and The Academy of Management Review focused on Artificial Intelligence in Management.


    Submission Deadline: 1 October 2024

    Editors: Sebastian Raisch, Robert W. Gregory, Keith Leavitt, Dana Minbaeva, Alex Murray, Jennifer D. Nahrgang, & Anastasiya Zavyalova

    In a rapidly evolving business technology landscape, artificial intelligence (AI) has emerged as a transformative force in management. The predictive capabilities of AI have equipped managers with data-driven foresight, enabling them to monitor and anticipate market trends, business risks, customer preferences, and employee behaviors, thereby facilitating more evidence-based decisions. However, as we explore the future of management, we recognize that the potential of AI extends beyond prediction. The emerging generative capabilities of AI represent a leap forward, fostering creativity and enabling innovative ideas, designs, and solutions. With its user-friendly interface, generative AI makes it easier for a broader swath of the population to get involved in AI-enabled problem solving. The synergies between the predictive and generative capabilities of AI are undeniable. Predictive insights fuel generative processes, while generative outputs enhance predictive accuracy. This powerful extension of AI, from prediction machines to generative problem-solvers, presents the potential for AI to transform a host of conventional management practices, heralding an era where artificial agents complement and potentially replace managers and knowledge workers in a variety of organizational settings. These developments have the potential to fundamentally alter the nature of the firm, the future of work, and management theories.

    The Academy of Management Review invites scholars to contribute to a Special Topic Forum (STF) on AI's multifaceted role in management and organization theory. Theoretical exploration is paramount to advance our understanding of how AI is reshaping the organizational landscape and redefining management as we know it. The STF seeks to tackle essential research questions at multiple levels of theorizing. At the micro level, researchers could delve into how predictive and generative AI applications alter key managerial tasks, such as communication, decision making, employee engagement, problem solving, and innovation. At the meso level, scholars might explore how organizations leverage predictive and generative AI for new strategies, structures, and capabilities. At the macro level, scholars could scrutinize the ethical, regulatory, and societal ramifications of integrating AI into organizations' day-to-day management.

    You can find more information here: https://aom.org/events/event-detail/2024/10/01/higher-logic-calendar/amr-special-topic-forum-artificial-intelligence-in-management?fbclid=IwAR0Pqyc4XaLOKrWsqc6IfXEpHN7-k8_vQqa3YFUCtjNjyFOb_xRLLhhuR_4


    -Melissa Cardon

    Associate Editor, Academy of Management Review