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2024 AOM ENT Doctoral Consortium

  • 1.  2024 AOM ENT Doctoral Consortium

    Posted 02-19-2024 20:46

    Dear ENT Doctoral Students:

    The Entrepreneurship Division warmly invites applications to its annual consortium for doctoral students. This year's Doctoral Consortium will take place in-person, in Chicago, on Friday, August 9th, and is being co-chaired by Will Drover (Texas Christian University) and Gabriella Cacciotti (Baylor University). All applications must be received by March 22, 8AM CST.

    Designed to launch doctoral students into their research career, the Consortium brings together young scholars and experienced faculty to discuss opportunities for advancing academic understanding of entrepreneurship. As such, the Doctoral Consortium's primary objective is to help prepare students for a successful career as a researcher/professor in academic institutions of higher education.

    This year's program will include discussions with renowned experts on the challenges of pursuing and navigating an academic career, the publication process, teaching effectiveness, and a host of other relevant topics. Furthermore, students will have the opportunity to receive constructive feedback about a research article on which they are currently working from a matched mentor. The final schedule will be determined soon, but the Consortium and its related activities are planned to run from 8:00am-5:00pm (local time) on Friday, August 9th, 2024. Due to the generous commitment of time from many senior scholars to this event, we expect admitted applicants to attend the ENTIRE program (all sessions throughout the entire day).

    The Consortium is open to doctoral students who have completed approximately two to three years of their PhD program (students in earlier stages of their programs are encouraged to wait until they reach this phase). The ideal candidate is a research-oriented doctoral student who has finished coursework and is currently engaged in preparing a dissertation focused on entrepreneurship.

    Application Procedure

    To apply, please complete the electronic form using the following URL:


    Please answer all the questions and upload the following documents:

    1.     -A short (one page or less) biographical sketch for distribution to all participants.

    2.     -A brief statement (one page or less) of your academic career goal and your research interests

    3.     -Three to five keywords that best represent your research interests.

    4.     -A current CV.

    5.     -A working paper on an entrepreneurship topic. This should be the "best / most advanced" research manuscript that you are moving toward publication. This working paper is a key requirement for admission. The working paper should be sole authored or one that you are leading, if it is a co-authored work.

    IMPORTANT NOTE: One of the key objectives of this working paper submission is to give students an opportunity to receive one-on-one feedback from an expert scholar in the field. This paper will be used to match you with a scholar as well as another doctoral student to provide constructive feedback. As such, students should not submit their entire dissertation as there will not be adequate time to review and discuss such a document. Therefore, as a general guideline, the working paper must NEITHER (a) exceed 35 pages (all inclusive), nor (b) be an accepted-for-publication/published manuscript.

    Needs-based financial support. The Entrepreneurship Division may have limited funding available to support admission to the AOM Conference on a need basis. This funding is not guaranteed, and will not be available to support travel costs. To facilitate a needs-based approach to address this situation, doctoral consortium applicants seeking financial support should ask their doctoral supervisor or a relevant authority at their school to provide a signed letter (on official letterhead) formally stating that the school does not offer the applicant any financial support to attend the AOM Conference. The letter must state that the applicant will not be able to attend the AOM Conference without receiving some financial assistance and explain why the School/University does not provide such assistance. If you are seeking assistance under these conditions, please submit the signed official letter along with your other application materials.

    All applications must be received by March 22 8AM CET. Because we historically receive a large number of applications and capacity is limited, incomplete and late applications will not be considered. No exceptions will be made.

    Consortium positions will be allocated by a committee based on an inclusive evaluation of all application materials. Questions should be sent to the doctoral consortium co-chairs, Will Drover (w.drover@tcu.edu ) and Gabriella Cacciotti (gabriella_cacciotti@baylor.edu)

    Thank you,

    Will Drover & Gabriella Cacciotti

    Will Drover
    Texas Christian University
    Fort Worth TX