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1st Small Business Economics: An Entrepreneurship Journal - SBEJ Conference for Young Researchers (online) - Call for papers deadline Sunday 16th October

  • 1.  1st Small Business Economics: An Entrepreneurship Journal - SBEJ Conference for Young Researchers (online) - Call for papers deadline Sunday 16th October

    Posted 09-09-2022 12:55
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    Dear Colleagues,

    I am pleased to send you the call for papers of the 1st Small Business Economics: An Entrepreneurship Journal - SBEJ Conference for Young Researchers that will be help on Tuesday 22nd November 2022 at 1pm-3pm (London time).


    AIM: An opportunity to discover interesting new research, and SBEJ editors' feedback thereupon. The goals are to engage with the community of entrepreneurship scholars; discuss emerging topics, issues and priorities; share tacit knowledge; and give feedback to young researchers in the spirit of a paper development workshop (but this is not a job market networking event). Topics should be broadly aligned with the main research areas of 'Small Business Economics': Entrepreneurship and the economics of small business; new venture creation; self-employment; family firms; small and medium-sized enterprises; innovative startups; entrepreneurial finance; and so on.


    • Attendance is open to presenters and non-presenters
    • Presenters must be Early Career Researchers: PhD students, post-docs, or junior faculty
    • Presenters get ~ 12 minutes each: 10 mins to present, 2 mins Q&A/discussion (mainly Q, no A)
    • SBEJ editors give feedback via mic or chat, non-presenters give feedback via chat (& perhaps mic)
    • The Zoom chat window log file will be distributed afterwards
    • The event is expected to last for 2 hours, with a minimum 3-5 SBEJ editors attending at any time


    • Send an extended abstract (Times New Roman 11-point or similar, strict limit of maximum 3 pages PDF all included; 1 submission per person) to sbej.yrc@gmail.com by Sunday 16th October
    • Decisions communicated to authors by Sunday 30th October
    • Submitted abstracts may be rejected without a detailed justification
    • We expect about 6-9 paper presentations
    • Abstracts should ideally already include some results, and connect well to SBEJ topics
    • We are not interested in submissions already at the R&R stage at any journal (including SBEJ)
    • Presenters must give live presentations (not pre-recorded videos) and ideally attend the whole event
    • There is no guarantee that presented papers will receive a favourable response from SBEJ if submitted to SBEJ, even if the comments raised by SBEJ editors are addressed



    Feel free to share the call for papers with your networks and potentially interested candidates.


    Kind regards,


    Christina THEODORAKI
    Assistant professor | Entrepreneurship & Strategy | TBS
    Editor Small Business Economics: An Entrepreneurship Journal

    Associate Editor Journal of Small Business Management

    c.theodoraki@tbs-education.fr | +33 5 61 29 47 45 | www.tbs-education.fr

    Watch: Webinar Understanding Entrepreneurial Ecosystems ICSB Resiliency Award 2020

    Listen: David Audretsch's Insights on Entrepreneurship Research

    Recent publications:

    Cloitre, A., Dos Santos Paulino, V., Theodoraki, C. (2022) The quadruple/quintuple helix model in entrepreneurial ecosystems: an institutional perspective on the space case study, R&D Management, https://doi.org/10.1111/radm.12547. Open Access

    Pastelakos, E., Theodoraki, C., Catanzaro, A. (2022), The role of innovation and internationalization support for SME export performance in a postcrisis environment, European Management Review, doi.org/10.1111/emre.12513. Read online

    Theodoraki, C., Dana, L.P., Caputo, A. (2022), Building sustainable entrepreneurial ecosystems: A holistic approach, Journal of Business Research, doi.org:10.1016/j.jbusres.2021.11.005. Early Access

    Theodoraki, C. (2021), Academic entrepreneurial ecosystem: towards the development of an effective ecosystem strategy, Revue internationale PME, 34(3-4), 68-89. Early Access

    Lô, A. ; Theodoraki, C. (2021). Achieving Interorganizational Ambidexterity Through a Nested Entrepreneurial Ecosystem, IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, doi: 10.1109/TEM.2020.3022465. Early Access

    Theodoraki, C. ; Catanzaro, A. (2021) Widening the borders of the entrepreneurial ecosystem through the international lens, The Journal of Technology Transfer, doi : 10.1007/s10961-021-09852-7. Early Access

    Theodoraki, C. ; Messeghem, K. ; Audretsch, D. (2020) The Effectiveness of Incubators' Co-Opetition Strategy in the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem : Empirical Evidence from France, IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, doi: 10.1109/TEM.2020.3034476. Early Access

    Theodoraki, C. (2020). A Holistic Approach to Incubator Strategies in the Entrepreneurial Support Ecosystem, M@n@gement, doi : 10.37725/mgmt.v23i4.4412 Open Access



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